10 Fun Ways To Bring Your Family Closer on Valentine’s Day


    Valentine’s Day is known as THE day for love. Sweethearts exchange gifts, spend the day thinking of each other, and go on very special dates to celebrate.

    We'd like to suggest you use the occasion of Valentine’s Day to celebrate love in all its guises, especially family love. What if you made a “date” with the whole family for that day? Turn it into a chance to strengthen the family bond with time spent together getting reacquainted, sharing fun, doing something you don’t normally do.

    Here are 10 ideas for fun family experiences that you can have together. The idea is to do something out of the ordinary and make memories that’ll last a lifetime!

    1. Go to a museum: art, sports, collectibles, etc. and take journals; everyone can write or draw about what they liked most and share.
    2. Start a garden indoors. If it’s too long until planting season where you live, plan a garden for later.
    3. Bake cookies . . . from scratch. Then decorate them. Then eat them!
    4. Visit a planetarium. Let the whole family learn the constellations.
    5. Play an old-fashioned board game like Monopoly or Clue or Chutes and Ladders.
    6. Give back. Spend the day doing something for your community or those in need.
    7. Have a karaoke session. If someone in the family plays an instrument, so much the better.
    8. Set up a homemade obstacle course in your yard and let everyone participate!
    9. Tell family stories: how you met, how your parents met, how and when your ancestors came to this country.
    10. Have an inside campout. Build a fort, light candles, tell ghost stories, roast marshmallows.

    Here’s another idea: Consider gifting your daughter with a pair of our very special earrings, and use the suggested topic that is included with the box for a special, in-depth discussion, not only with her but with the entire family.

    That’s one way to make sure this Valentine’s Day will be one she’ll never forget!