Rowan – A Unique Chance for Bonding


    There are special moments in the life of your child: her birth, of course; when she takes her first steps; the first day of school...

    And with each of those moments you experience joy and pride as she begins to grow toward womanhood. As she grows, those opportunities to connect - the moments when she comes to you for advice, confiding her little secrets, wanting to share experiences with you - are precious.

    That’s why we developed Rowan, a club that offers a monthly opportunity to not only grow closer to your daughter, but to connect with her and begin discussing bold and inspirational topics as she enters this new and exciting phase of her life.

    From the celebration of her first ear piercing to the anticipation of a new pair of earrings every month, you’ll be there with her. You'll both experience the fun and challenge of exploring a different topic with each new arrival. Developed in collaboration with our board of medical experts, the inspirational topics presented have been carefully selected to spark conversations, elicit questions, and provide a unique opportunity to bond with your littlest best friend.

    Each month your daughter will receive a beautiful pair of Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, or 14k Gold earrings (your choice!). Our meaningful, age-appropriate, fashionable earrings are designed to capture her attention and maybe even her heart.

    And if you’re going to be there for the after-piercing, why not at the initial event itself? A girl’s first piercing is a rite of passage, not unlike her First Communion, her Bat Mitzvah, or her Quinceañera. It’s a step toward adulthood that can and should be celebrated by her whole community of loving, supportive friends and family.

    Do you remember that fluttery, nervous feeling you had when you got your ears pierced? Did you sneak off with your girlfriend to the mall to have it done, maybe even defying your mom’s wishes to do so? Because it was your first unilateral decision, you felt more grown up afterward, but also a little guilty, wondering how your action would be received at home.

    Rowan turns that around, helping you make your daughter’s first piercing a happy, exciting event you and she can remember for the rest of your lives. In hosting a piercing party, you allow friends and family members to take part in this memorable milestone in your daughter’s life, and Pair Piercing will show you how.

    Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to help your daughter take another step toward adulthood. Let Rowan help you reinforce the connection with your daughter that you never want to lose!