Helping Your Daughter Bloom This Spring


    Spring is the season of renewal, rebirth, and celebrations of life. Throughout the world, the vernal equinox is marked with feasting, merriment, and religious observances. The sun crosses the equator, daylight and darkness hours are roughly equal, and humans celebrate surviving the winter and look forward to the planting season.

    In short, Spring is the season of new growth, an opportunity to nourish and encourage it, just as you nourish and encourage the growth of your daughter. Now she’s a tiny bud, full of possibilities, looking to you for guidance. But you see her potential, the beautiful flower she can blossom into. You want to gently promote her growth into a strong, powerful woman.

    This, of course, is what Rowan is all about. We offer stunningly beautiful earrings, carefully curated to charm her: flowers, feathers, hearts, and stars, for example. But we also provide a lighter way to approach heavy and meaningful topics, designed to prod her to open up, ask questions, and share confidences. When she wears each month’s earrings, they will remind her of the topics you’ve discussed, the closeness you’ve shared, the conclusions you’ve reached together.

    Our goal is to help you help your daughter find her strong voice, and her unique place in the world. Rowan believes this metamorphosis begins at a young age, that open communication and thoughtful conversations can help embolden her powerful woman’s voice throughout the seasons of her life. That’s why we founded Rowan, and why each pair of earrings arrives with a suggested topic carefully developed in concert with our expert medical board to foster meaningful communication between you and your daughter.

    Spring offers numerous special occasions to celebrate and the chance use these celebrations as an opportunity to gift your daughter with our distinctive earrings and conversation topics.

    In this country, the Christian holy day of Easter, the Jewish feast of Passover, and the Catholic rite of First Communion are just three spring rituals celebrated around this time of year. Any of them would make a perfect opportunity for gifting your daughter with a special pair of our earrings. Why not use one of these occasions to begin nurturing a closer relationship with your daughter?