Combating a Nickel Allergy

Nickel Free Earrings

You receive a gift, one in a small box, wrapped beautifully with a large sparkly bow. Opening it you have feelings of anticipation, and you slowly open the box and it is a beautiful pair of thoughtful earrings. You know how special they will make you feel when worn. If you are with metal sensitivities it is sometimes difficult to receive a beautiful pair of earrings – knowing the irritation they cause your ears. You think to yourself – how do I explain this to my loved one? So instead maybe you wear them for a few hours and then remove them later.

14k gold earrings


You are not alone.


Many individuals struggle with this sensitivity to metals. One of the most common irritants is nickel; it is a common ingredient in jewelry as it is strong and inexpensive. Some of the common symptoms of a nickel sensitivity or allergy include rashes, itching, blistering, dry patchy skin, or reddened skin around the contact areas.


Prevention is the first step.


Caring for your piercing at the start is very important to ensure less sensitivity and issues later. Make sure you choose a stud that is hypoallergenic and nickel-free for the initial piercing. Get this done by medical professionals who know what's safe on the skin. Rowan partners with nurses to complete ear piercings. They pierce with nickel free earrings, medical-grade sterilized starter studs and ensure that aftercare instructions are understood by all those they pierce.

Caring for your healing piercing.


Caring for your new piercing is essential for proper healing. Before attending to the piercing, make sure you wash your hands and then clean the piercing using Rowan’s ear cleaning solution 2-3 times daily. A lobe piercing needs to be cared for in this manner for six weeks and cartilage piercing for 12 weeks. All Rowan earrings are a perfect choice for the piercing as they comprise of sterilized medical-grade stainless steel or 14K gold earrings

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What type of earrings should I choose to combat nickel allergies?


Many people with nickel sensitivities often limit themselves to a few pairs of high-quality earrings. After the initial healing period is complete, choosing nickel-free options is easy when you shop at Rowan. Their earrings are seasonally designed, being on-trend with the latest styles, and made from hypoallergenic materials


Whether you are a gold or silver wearer, they have you covered. All of their earrings are either made from stainless steel or gold vermeil, which is the highest standard for gold-coated jewelry. It holds a base metal of sterling silver dipped in a thick layer of 14k Gold to give you the look you want without sacrificing ear care.


With the rising trend of ear stacks, choosing different earrings for each piercing is no longer a hard effort. An easy and affordable way to build your collection or choose a gift for your loved one is a Rowan Subscription box. Each Rowan box contains a pair of stainless steel or gold vermeil earrings, your choice. The December box includes beautiful snowflake earrings – which are cute enough for a young girl or classy enough for a grown adult.

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Stay fierce – despite the sensitivity.


Taking simple yet effective steps to protect your ears allows your personality to shine through despite your nickel allergy. The choice to pierce is a personal one, but make the best choice and choose a trained professional to complete your piercing. Rowan jewelry is special, safe, made to last, and a perfect addition to sensitive and non-sensitive wearers alike. Build your earring wardrobe quickly by becoming a subscriber to the monthly earring box. Remain fierce out there –  do not let that nickel allergy hold you back. You got this!