Hey There, We're Rowan


    We are so excited to invite you to Rowan and our new website, heyrowan.com! We created Rowan to serve as an adventure guide, helping girls feel heard and celebrated as they grow up. With this goal in mind, we thought about important moments in girls’ lives that have, until now, been overlooked. Ear piercing - and the important year of healing that follows - is exactly that: a significant and transformative moment that often has not been cherished as it could or should be.

    Starting with super cute and high-quality accessories, Rowan allows girls to tap into their superpowers through self-expression and conversation. That's why every box includes not only our special earrings, but also a collectible conversation card with a meaningful symbol and thought-provoking questions.

    New to earrings? Rowan is also here to celebrate the piercing milestone; partnering with registered nurses across the country to create piercing experiences as safe as they are special.

    You might wonder, “Where did the name ‘Rowan’ come from?” The Rowan tree stands for protection, wisdom, and guidance. Also called the “traveler's tree,” the vibrant red berries were long thought to be a magical guidepost for adventurers. The name Rowan perfectly encapsulates our purpose: to be a guiding, empathetic, and empowering resource for tweens and parents in their journeys towards adulthood.

    If you are looking for a special gift for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, god-daughter, or friend - one that she will love and remember forever – an Earring Club membership or at-home piercing are perfect. She already sparkles, and now so will her ears.