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  • How Is Rowan Different?

  • What is Rowan?

    --Rowan is a tween consumer products & lifestyle company that focuses on the milestone of ear piercing, a market that is in dire need of a delightfully simple and fun offering. Not only do we provide celebratory and safe piercings by a registered nurse, we have earrings and earring boxes to help ensure the success of the piercing by providing families access to hypoallergenic earrings post piercing. 

  • What does Rowan mean?

    --The Rowan tree stands for protection, wisdom, and guidance. The name Rowan perfectly encapsulates our purpose: to be a guiding, empathetic, and empowering resource for tweens and parents in their journeys towards adulthood.

  • How is Rowan different than Claire’s?

    --At Rowan, we believe in a safe and celebratory experience. That’s why Rowan only has registered nurses perform piercings and focus on celebrating the ear piercing milestone! 

  • How Do We Pierce?

  • Do you use a piercing gun?

    ---No! We use a touchless, hand pressured device that inserts sterile, medical grade earrings directly into the earlobe. This system is not forceful, and much more gentle than a traditional piercing gun. 

  • Why do you use this device?

    --We have found this device to be just as effective as needle piercings, without the same amount of fear and discomfort. The instrument allows for consistent, accurate, gentile and safe piercing without the need for needles and sterilization autoclaves. Also this device allows us to use piercing earrings that have unique safety backs that are rounded on the end to prevent the sharp post from being exposed and ensures that the earring back cannot be embedded in the ear because it cannot be pushed directly against the back of the ear.

  • Is the device sterile? How do you clean it?

     --During the piercing, sterile earrings are inserted directly into the ear. The only thing to touch the ear is the piercing earring which is removed by a gloved nurse and are completely sterile. 

  • Why does Rowan work with nurses?

    --Nurses are medical professionals who are proficient in ear anatomy and skin assessments. Nurses are also skilled at bedside manner to assist in any anxiety or nerves that a guest might experience. Additionally, nurses are skilled to instruct in proper wound care and aftercare instruction. By hiring nurses, we are able to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

  • How many piercings have you done?

    —I’ve done a lot of piercings and really enjoy it! Rowan nurses have completed thousands and thousands of ear piercings and millions of ears have been pierced with the Inverness device we use.

  • When did you start working for Rowan?

    --Well, more importantly, I’ve been working as a nurse for ___ years! I have been contracted with Rowan for ___ months. I’ve pierced lots of ears and really enjoy it!

  • How many piercings can I get at once?

    --We recommend no more than four piercings at time. However, this may be less depending on your ear & skin anatomy. Your Rowan nurse will help you to decide the safest number of piercings for you. 

  • Our Earrings

  • What earring should I pick? Why? What’s the difference between the metals? Are they all hypoallergenic? Why do they cost different amounts?

    -- Different types of earrings cost different amounts depending on the material they are made with. All of Rowan’s earrings are hypoallergenic!

  • Why can I only get pierced with these starter studs and not my own earrings?

    --Your starter studs not only are included in the price of your piercing, they are created specifically for our device. Each is in its own sterile capsule and has a safety back (that does not fall off or require a hand to put on). This way, each piercing is less exposed and less likely to be infected.  

  • After the Piercing

  • Can I split this earring purchase with my mom/friend/daughter?

    --As of now, we only provide two piercings and two earrings for the full price. If you only want one ear pierced, it is still the full price but you get to take the 2nd earring home with you! If you and your friend would each like one ear pierced, we will accommodate for that but require one person to pay the full amount.

  • When can I change my earrings out?

    --For earlobe piercings, you change your earrings out after six weeks. For cartilage piercings, it is encouraged that you keep your earring in place for 6 months to 1 year. 

  • How many times a day should I clean them?

    --At minimum, you should clean your new earrings two to three times daily. The more you clean, the better your ears will heal! 

  • Should I twist my earrings?

    --Yes! You should completely rotate your earring once daily. 

  • Can I take them out and put them right back in before 6 weeks?

    --Upon removing your earrings, you should replace them immediately with hypoallergenic studs. You should keep an earring in place for at least 1 year to prevent closure. 

  • What if I need to take them out for sports?

    --Refer to your team’s rules & regulations specifically regarding ear piercing. Some teams will allow players to place either medical grade tape or a bandaid over their newly pierced ears. 

  • Do you pierce both ears at the same time for young girls?

    --We are happy to make arrangements to do so. 

  • What is the numbing cream? How does it work? Why do you use it?

    --The numbing cream is a cool gel that is applied to the area of skin being pierced. Once applied, it takes several minutes to take effect. The numbing cream is useful in minimizing the discomfort felt during a piercing. 

  • What is cartilage?

    --Cartilage is a thick, flexible tissue located on the upper half of the ear. 

  • Why does cartilage take longer to heal?

    --Cartilage is thicker tissue and receives less blood supply as compared to the earlobe, making healing time longer. 

  • Why should I not push the earring back to my ear when I change the earrings out?

    --In several weeks, when you change out you will be able to change out of your starter studs. (You can wear them forever if you want!) but when you do change them out, you will likely use a traditional earring back which allows you to push the post to the back of the ear. As your ear is still healing, doing this can cause the skin to grow around the back. Always allow some space between the back of your ear and the earring back.

  • Can I sleep on a cartilage piercing?

    --Sleeping on your newly pierced ear may cause inflammation and discomfort. Try to avoid sleeping on your ear until you are healed. 

  • Can I go swimming after I pierce my ears?

    --Ideally, you should avoid chlorinated water and the beach for two weeks. However, if swimming is essential, be sure to thoroughly clean your ears after getting out of the water. 

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