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The Rowan Piercing Experience

Engage, Prepare, Pierce, and Aftercare!

There are 4 stages of the Rowan Piercing Experience: Engage, Prepare, Pierce & Aftercare. 

Remember--as a Rowan Nurse, you’ll want to create a fun and memorable experience around the ear piercing--but we want to do it in a safe, celebratory manner! 

This model is a guide for you to follow during your piercing appointment. This process will start to feel more natural as you complete more piercings and is a great tool to reference when you are first starting off. The more piercings you complete, the more confident you will become!

Make a lasting impact

Through re-engagement! End the appointment,  the same way you started it -- create moments of impact. 

Let them know how happy you were to celebrate this milestone with them and make sure to check in with how they feel about the experience. 

• Leave your business card with name, email and unique discount code
• Suggest the Rowan subscription box, they can receive a cute new pair of hypoallergenic earrings each month! 
• Leave them information to share with their community! 
• Let them know to reach out if any friends & family needs a Rowan ear piercing

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