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  • <b>Hypoallergenic always.</b> No nickel, no brass, no zinc. Hypoallergenic always. No nickel, no brass, no zinc.
  • <b>Spend $75, get FREE shipping</b> Spend $75, get FREE shipping


Bedazzle everything you want with the fun and sparkly stickers from our Sticker Book. Shapes include heart, star, square, circle, pentagon, blossom, oval, octagon, and teardrop.
  • Size: 5” x 6.5”
  • Sticker Details: 361 total stickers includedSize range from 6mm-14mm per sticker; shapes include hearts, stars, squares, circles, pentagons, blossoms, ovals, octagons and teardrops.
  • Materials: Plastic 70% (stickers & front page), Paper 20% (pages) & Stainless Steel 10% (spring)


Plastic 70% (stickers & front page), Paper 20% (pages) & Stainless Steel 10% (spring)

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