Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Rowan Piercing

  • Piercing Procedure
    • What makes ear piercing with Rowan safe?

      We put safety first, with ear piercings performed exclusively by a licensed nurse and hypoallergenic earrings made from premium, nickel-free materials. Rowan nurses have extensive experience in creating a stress-free environment, are experts in the use of PPE and maintaining sterility, and always put their clients first. Rowan nurses use a gentle, hand-pressured device with pre-sterilized 14k gold or stainless steel earrings to pierce all ages. Our piercing jewelry has safety backs and long posts to ensure sufficient air flow and optimal healing. We never use piercing guns, which are spring loaded and can damage the ear tissue.

      We offer piercings with a hollow needle for guests 12 and up. Both the hand pressurized device and the hollow needle are safe and accurate when in the hands of a trained professional.

      It is important to choose safe materials when having your ears pierced because metal allergies are common and can develop at any point in life, and an ear piercing makes your skin more vulnerable to irritation-causing metals like nickel, brass, and zinc. This is why Rowan only uses the safest materials – pre-sterilized 14K gold or stainless steel, and titanium earrings.
    • What precautions are you taking in response to COVID-19?
      Your health, and the health of our nurses, is our top priority -- and every decision we make is with that in mind. Rowan complies with all CDC guidelines and is taking increased precautions outlined below:

      • Vaccinated guests are not required to wear masks, however our nurses will continue to do so.
      • Your Rowan Nurse will be equipped with PPE, such as masks & gloves.
      • Your Rowan Nurse will take precautionary health measures including frequent hand washing and sanitizing items after each appointment.

      • All nurses & clients must postpone their piercing appointment if:
      • They are feeling unwell.
      • They are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, including: cough, fever, runny nose, or sore throat.
      • They have been in contact with or near anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

    • What types of piercings do you offer?

      Rowan is all ears. Any ear piercing you want, we’ve got you. We pierce the entire perimeter of the ear and offer conch and tragus piercings (in select studios).

      We do not pierce the daith, nose, or other body parts at this time.

    • Do you pierce babies?

      Rowan pierces all ages! For ear piercings we do require one DTaP vaccine for children 5 and under. For minors under 18, a parent or guardian is required to be present for the piercing.

      We are pediatrician recommended for many reasons! Our earrings are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, which is important because many young children have a sensitivity to nickel.

      Moreover, our earrings have been specifically designed with all ages in mind, from young child to advanced aged. For example, our earrings have long posts which give the ear more room to heal post-piercing.

    • Can I bring my own earrings for the ear piercing?

      No, Rowan nurses are not able to pierce with earrings provided by the customer. We pride ourselves on our hygiene standards so we only use piercing earrings that come in sterile packaging. These earrings are made to be compatible with the hand-pressurized instrument and hollow needles we use for the piercing process.

      Once your piercing is healed (in 6 weeks for a lobe piercing and 12 weeks for helix/conch/tragus piercings) you can change the jewelry to whatever style you like – just make sure to sanitize it first and hypoallergenic, nickel-free earrings are recommended!

    • How do I book a piercing appointment?
      First of all, great choice!

      Please see all the available appointments at a Rowan Studio on our booking page here. And then, select the studio you want.
    • Do you use a piercing gun?
      We do not use a piercing gun! Rowan Nurses use a hand-pressurized instrument. This uses the pressure (and complete control) of a Rowan Nurse's hand to safely guide, place, and pierce! This instrument holds a sterilized single-use cartridge containing the sterile starter stud earrings that pierce the ear.

      Piercing earrings are pre-sterilized, and have long posts and safe backings to ensure optimal healing. We never use a piercing gun, as they can damage the ear tissue.

      Unlike piercing guns, which use spring loaded mechanisms to forcefully pierce, a hand-pressurized instrument allows for a gentle and direct control with each and every piercing.

      We also offer piercings with a hollow needle. Hollow needles are the only piercing option for parts of the ear other than the outer perimeter of the ear.
    • How many piercings can I get at once?
      To prevent infection and severe swelling we can only pierce 4 holes total per appointment. This includes a maximum of 3 piercings per ear and 2 piercings maximum for the upper outer perimeter of the ear. If you wish to have more piercings done we require waiting a minimum of 2 weeks to allow proper healing before getting pierced again. If you're planning on having more than two piercings done, please book back to back appointment slots to ensure that our Rowan Nurse has plenty of time to complete the piercing process.
    • Can I get a piercing on my own if I'm under 18?
      No, even with permission from a parent/guardian we cannot pierce you if you are under 18 and unaccompanied by an adult. We need the adult to be physically present in the studio in order to perform the piercing.
    • How do I prepare for my appointment?
      It’s easy. Just book an appointment, fill out the waiver and we’ll take it from there! You will be able to choose your piercing studs and piercing placement during your appointment. Our Nurses are experts and will help you.
    • What health and safety measures are being taken at the store?
      At Rowan, safety is standard. Ear piercings are performed exclusively by a licensed Nurse and our hypoallergenic earrings are made from premium, nickel-free materials. Rowan nurses are trained in creating a stress-free environment, and are experts in the use of PPE and maintaining sterility. They always put the safety of their clients first.

      Our piercing jewelry has safety backs and long posts to ensure sufficient air flow and optimal healing. Our Nurses use a gentle, hand-pressured device with pre-sterilized 14k gold or stainless steel earrings to pierce. We never use piercing guns, which are spring loaded and can damage the ear tissue. At Rowan studios, we also offer piercings with a hollow needle. Both the hand pressurized device and the hollow needle are safe and accurate when in the hands of a trained professional.
    • How old does my child have to be to get a lobe piercing?
      We pierce babies over the age of 2 months. For piercings on children under 5 years old, we require one DTaP vaccine, which is administered at 2 months old.

      Children must be at least 10 years of age for a second lobe piercing.
    • How old does my child have to be to get a cartilage piercing?
      In select locations, we can perform cartilage piercings on children of 12 years of age or older. Please see your local piercing location to ensure we have that offering available.
    • Do I need to bring an ID for myself and my child?
      For minors under 18, a parent or guardian is required to be present for the piercing. We will not ask for the child’s ID, but we will ask for the parent/guardian’s ID.
  • Piercing Aftercare
    • Contact the Nurse Helpline
      Concerned about the healing process? Please email, with clear and well-lit photos of both the front and back of the piercing for our Head Rowan Nurse to review. If you can also let us know if you are using one of our Aftercare Products (Standard or Advanced), that would be helpful. We will respond within 24 hours.
    • How do I care for my new piercing?
      Visit our Aftercare instructions page for more information!

      Aftercare for your DEVICE piercing:

      - Clean your piercing with our Aftercare Solution 2 to 3 times a day using a cotton swab front and back. Swab in a circular motion.
      - For lobe piercings only, move the hair surrounding the new piercing and rotate the earring 1x after cleaning while wet.
      -No touching, twisting, or rotating your new piercing for cartilage piercings.
      -Leave space between the ear and the earring. Do not tighten the earring back to ensure breathing room in front and back of the ear.
      - Maintain this aftercare routine for 3 weeks for lobe piercings and 8 weeks for helix piercings, when using Advanced Aftercare Solution.
      - No submerging earrings in water you wouldn’t normally drink for 2 weeks.

      Aftercare for your NEEDLE piercing:

      - Clean your piercing with our saline solution 2 to 3 times a day for at least 30 days—front and back.
      - Leave room in the front and back of the earrings. And ask about our comfortable ear pillow to ensure proper healing during sleep.
      - Give your earrings a good rinse for about 30 seconds with warm water in the shower, especially after washing your hair.
      - No touching, twisting, or rotating your new needle piercing.
      -No swimming. And no submerging earrings in water you wouldn’t normally drink for 30 days.

      Pro tips for ALL piercings:

      - Always wash your hands before touching your ears!
      -Disinfect everything that goes in, on, or around your ears once daily to decrease the risk of introducing bacteria to the site. This includes cell phones, headphones, eyeglasses, sunglasses, AirPods, masks, headbands, etc.
      -If you run out of solution, you can use a sterile wound wash that is available over-the-counter at your local pharmacy.
      -Do not use any lotions or ointments, such as Bacitracin or Neosporin. These products can clog the piercing & not allow for adequate airflow to promote proper healing.
      -Avoid alcohol or peroxide products. These products can dry out the skin & the piercing, which will slow down the healing process.
      -If you are experiencing any pain associated with the piercing, we recommend using a travel pillow to avoid sleeping directly on the painful area.
      -To avoid your piercing from closing, wear earrings consistently for one year post-piercing. Especially the hypoallergenic ones.
      -No heavy earrings until you’re fully healed.
    • What is normal during the healing process?
      It is normal after a lower lobe piercing to experience the following:

      • - Tender to the touch. Avoid sleeping on your piercing if it is tender.
      • - Moderate swelling
      • - Redness
      • - Some bleeding or oozing. A small amount of blood is normal and can be the body’s response to the piercing process, causing a small hematoma.
      • - Helix piercings tend to be sore for a longer period of time, which is completely normal. They also take up to a year to heal.

      Please follow the aftercare instructions closely!

      During the first 6 weeks of your healing process, if you experience any complications with your piercings or have any concerns, contact us at and we will connect you with a Rowan Nurse as soon as possible.

      If you experience symptoms such as excessive swelling or discharge, fever, area warm to the touch, extreme pain or any symptoms that don't improve over time, we recommend you reach out to your local health provider as soon as possible.
    • What do I wear after my piercings heal?
      After your ear piercing, it is important to follow proper piercing care for the recommended time based on the type of solution you’re using. But, the full healing process is actually much longer! It is important to wear only hypoallergenic, nickel-free earrings for at least a year after ear piercing. Rowan's extensive hypoallergenic collection is designed for you to look and feel your best!
    • How do I change my earrings?
      Here are some helpful tips for removing and changing the jewelry on your new piercing! Changing out your earrings may seem scary, but it's actually quite quick and painless! If you still require assistance Rowan Nurses are always available at our studio locations to help!

      Steps for removing device piercing jewelry:
      Your device piercing studs will have a traditional butterfly backing or bullet-back style safety backing.

      1. Before removing your piercing earrings, please clean around the earring and skin
      2. Gently rotate the earring a few times
      3. Use one hand to hold the front of the earring and your other hand on the earring back
      4. Gently pull the front of the earring. (Make sure you're still supporting the backing while you do.)
      5. All done! Repeat on the other side.

      Steps for removing needle-piercing jewelry:
      Your needle-piercing flat back stud is held on by tension and the jewelry post will have a slight bend!

      1. Use one hand to firmly hold the flat back backing, and your other hand to firmly hold the front pin of the stud.
      2. Hold the back firmly and gently twist and pull the front pin of the stud.
      3. Gently remove the front pin from the backing, and then remove the backing from your ear.

      Please note that resistance is normal, so you may have to use a little strength to remove the earrings.
      Once the original piercing earrings are out, and before you put new Hypoallergenic Earrings in (check out our fun and safe styles), feel free to repeat the cleansing step once more!

      Steps for inserting a new tension flat back earring:

      1. Insert the new flat back post into your piercing from the back of your ear.
      2. Insert the stud (pin) halfway into the post.
      3. Slightly bend the pin by pushing it against the backing. The more of a bend, the tighter the earring will stay in the backing. (Skip this step for threaded (twist on) flat-back earrings and standard earring studs!)
      4. Fully push in the pin into the post to secure it.
    • Why did my piercing close so quickly?
      Unfortunately, piercings that are less than a year old will be expected to close within just a few minutes to hours if you do not have earrings in. We expect your piercings to be healed enough to change your starter earrings into something new in 6 weeks for lobes and 12 for helix (Device piercings with Saline aftercare) or 3 weeks for lobes and 8 weeks for helix (device piercings with Advanced Aftercare). (For most needle piercings, you can change your earring around the 6-12 week mark, depending on how your ear feels.) However, your piercings will not be fully healed until one year later. We recommend keeping earrings in 24/7 for the entire year. Even piercings that are more than a year old can close if you don't keep earrings in!
    • How do I know if my piercing is infected?
      Signs of infection include:

      • Redness
      • Swelling
      • Ear is hot to touch
      • Discharge (pus or blood)

      Make sure that you are cleaning your new piercing two to three times daily. The more you clean, the better your ears will heal! Always wash your hands before touching the piercing, only use saline solution and avoid rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and creams such as Neosporin or Bacitracin.

      Also, make sure you are changing your face mask every day as the straps on the mask can introduce bacteria to the healing piercing. We always recommend wearing hypoallergenic, nickel-free earrings to help prevent infection!

      If you have concerns, please reach out to our Nurse Helpline and attach photos of your piercings. The Nurse Helpline is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

      If the infection does not resolve or you have any concern that the infection is getting worse, please make an appointment with your health care provider.
    • How do I comfortably sleep with my new piercings?
      New piercing? Take the pressure off with our latest and cutest ear pillow. It gives your piercings room to breathe and relieves pressure when sleeping on the side. A true piercing must-have.

      Keep your ear pillow clean by using a pillowcase and changing it regularly.

      Our nurses recommend: slipping the pillow into a pillowcase/t-shirt, sleeping on each side of the pillow just once, and changing the pillowcase/t-shirt every two days.
    • Can I swim with my new piercings?
      We highly recommend that you avoid submerging your new device piercing(s) in water for at least two (2) weeks and needle piercing(s) for 30 days post-piercing. This is particularly true of waters that may have live organisms in them (oceans, lakes, and rivers). While pools are more sterile environments due to the chlorine content and filtration systems, chlorine is a harsh chemical that can irritate the piercing site. We recommend pushing off pool swimming during that period. (If this is not possible, it is imperative that the new piercing is thoroughly cleansed immediately after swimming.) After this two-week healing period, you are free to swim in any body of water(!), just make sure you bring your cleansing solution with you and that you are thoroughly cleaning your new piercings once you're finished with your swim.
    • Can I wear my earrings during sports?
      For most sports/teams, you should be allowed to cover your new earrings with either a band-aid or tape. However, please check with your specific team as their rules may vary. In the unlikely event that you need to fully remove the piercings, we highly recommend that you immediately put your earrings back in afterward and follow your cleansing instructions. In any event, never push or force the stud back into the ear.

      Check out Rowan Sport Studs with Lion Latch Travel Case! Hypoallergenic silicone studs with soft backs, are to be worn during game time, without hurting the healing process
    • Why do I have a bump near my new cartilage piercing?
      Developing a bump on a cartilage piercing can be common; fortunately, it’s easy to resolve. Bumps develop due to a buildup of skin cells, fluid, or other wound debris. The best way to prevent or treat a piercing bump is to be very diligent with your cleaning routine. Using your aftercare of choice, soak the end of a q-tip and clean around the piercing in a circular motion in the front and back 2-3 times a day. Be very careful not to catch your piercing on your clothing, as this can cause bumps as well. Avoid sleeping on your cartilage piercing while it’s healing. Unless you’re cleaning your piercing, don’t touch, twist, turn, or play with it. Cartilage piercings are very sensitive, and with a little extra time and attention, your cartilage piercing will heal nicely.
    • I think I have an infection after changing my piercing(s).
      This can happen when changing into earrings that are not hypoallergenic. Do you know what kind of earrings you are using? Do they contain nickel? We always recommend wearing hypoallergenic earrings to help prevent infection!

      It takes up to a year for a piercing to fully heal. In that timeframe you may have some normal drainage (usually clear, sometimes bloody), itchiness, or tenderness in the area. All of these are normal findings and not indicative of an infection. Occasional redness or a small amount of swelling may be noted as well. However, signs and symptoms of an infection include yellow-green or foul-smelling drainage, a large amount of redness and swelling that does not go away on its own, and in extreme cases, fever (temperature of 100.4 F or higher). If you have any of these symptoms, please seek medical care with your primary care provider for further evaluation and treatment.

      The best way to prevent an infection is to follow the cleaning regimen with your aftercare solution and only wear jewelry that is 100% hypoallergenic and nickel-free. Always wash your hands before cleaning the piercing. Make sure that you continue cleaning your new piercing two to three times daily by soaking the end of a q-tip with your aftercare solution, and clean in a circular motion around the front and back of your piercing.
    • My new piercings are bleeding.
      A piercing is technically a wound so bleeding is normal when the earring is removed, bumped, or turned. Be gentle with a new piercing. Give it time to heal itself over the next week. The entire healing process of the piercing can take up to a year which is why there may be drainage noted with any manipulation/change of earrings.

      Definitely keep up with cleaning to prevent bacteria from irritating the piercing. You can clean away the dried drainage with a Q-Tip. (Check to make sure no fibers are being left behind by the q-tip!) You may also apply a warm compress daily to alleviate any discomfort.
    • My piercing is swollen or embedding into my ear.
      While we pierce as safely as possible at Rowan, each body heals differently, and from time to time that healing process doesn't go as expected.

      A small amount of swelling is normal, but if the ear is swelling so much that the earring is sinking into the ear, remove the earring and do not put a new earring in. If you are unable to remove the earring on your own, please contact and set up an appointment with your healthcare provider as soon as possible, as the earring may be embedded and will require removal and medical treatment.
    • I developed a rash after using the Rowan Aftercare solution.
      This is very uncommon, but can happen to very sensitive skin. We recommend discontinuing the use of the aftercare solution and switching to a sterile saline wound wash​. You should be able to find this at any drug store or your local Target.

      Pro Tip: Instead of spraying directly on the ear, saturate a cotton swab with the sterile saline wash to clean around your new piercing! (Check to make sure no fibers are being left behind by the Q-tip!)
  • Piercing @ Rowan Studios
    • Is there a Rowan Studio in my area?
      You can find a list of our open studios (and some coming soon) here! We can’t wait to see you!
    • Can I get a piercing on my own if I am under 18?
      No, even with permission from a parent/guardian we cannot pierce you if you are under 18 and unaccompanied by an adult. We need the adult to be physically present in the studio in order to perform the piercing.
    • How much is a piercing?
      At our Rowan Studios, you pay a piercing fee plus the cost of your preferred jewelry. We have something to accommodate every budget!

      For Device piercings: One piercing (individual hole): $35 + Cost of Piercing Studs; Two piercings (two holes): $50 + Cost of Piercing Studs.

      For Needle piercings: $35 + Cost of Piercing Studs If needed, the cost to downsize your post is $25/piercing. Piercing jewelry starts at $40. You can find our lookbook here!
    • What piercing studs can I choose from?
      We have a fun variety of earrings to choose from!

      Here is our lookbook for needle piercings and here is our lookbook for device piercings.

      There is no need to bring anything with you! Our Nurses will help you select the best jewelry for your preferred placement at your appointment time. Our piercing jewelry also varies by location so styles are not guaranteed.
    • I’m running late for my studio appointment!
      We pride ourselves on running on time so that every customer can enjoy a safe and fun piercing experience.

      Running late? If you plan on being more than 10 minutes late to your appointment we recommend rescheduling to ensure that the Rowan Nurse is able to provide you the perfect Rowan piercing experience. If you still stop in around your scheduled time we’ll do our best to fit you in as soon as we can!
    • What happens if my child gets too nervous to pierce the second ear, after the first?
      This can happen with some of our younger clients. We're happy to try again another day!

      You’ll only pay for the completed piercing and jewelry used at the time of your original appointment.
    • Can both ears be pierced simultaneously?
      We can often accommodate this request at our Rowan Studios when we have more than one nurse working at a time! To ensure that this is possible, please contact your preferred studio team directly to schedule an appointment.
    • I’m not happy with the placement of my new piercings.
      We understand how important it is that the placement of your piercings is both safe and what you are looking for. If you have any concerns about the placement of your new piercings, please reach out to the Studio team to schedule a consultation with a Rowan Nurse.
    • What is a post downsize appointment?
      Taking care of your new needle piercing is easy! For the first 30 days you should clean your piercing(s) with saline spray and return in approximately 30 days for a Rowan Nurse evaluation and post downsize.

      You may be asking, why do I need to come back for a post downsize? Well, not only will your piercing look and feel better once your post is downsized, it will also reduce the risk of friction bumps. Once the swelling settles (don't worry, swelling is normal for a new piercing) and the post has that added slack moving back and forth, it creates friction - that friction creates inflammation that in turn can result in ugly, unnecessary friction bumps.

      Well then, why don't we just start with the shorter post? Because we're smarter than that - as nurses we understand how the body works. A piercing is a puncture wound and the body's response to that puncture wound is often swelling. We place a longer post to allow for the anticipated swelling and promote airflow for optimal healing.

      We will charge $25 per post/piercing downsize for this service during your appointment. You keep the front of your original flat back jewelry and we just swap out the backing!

      *This appointment is recommended for optimal healing, but not required. A post downsize appointment is not necessary for a device piercing.
    • How do I become a Rowan Nurse?
      Please visit us here to see if we're hiring! If you apply and if we think you are a good fit for Rowan, we will reach out to schedule a 15 minute phone interview to get to know a little bit more about you and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Best of luck!


    • Hypoallergenic Jewelry
      • What is hypoallergenic jewelry?
        Hypoallergenic jewelry is jewelry designed to minimize the risk of causing an allergic reaction. If you experience flaky skin, itching, swelling, redness, and/or rashes from wearing jewelry, then you likely have a metal allergy and should only wear hypoallergenic, nickel-free jewelry. Even if you do not experience allergic reactions, you should avoid irritation-causing materials like nickel, brass, and zinc as they are not safe for the body.
      • Do you offer hypoallergenic jewelry?
        Yes! All of our earrings, both online and in-store, are made with completely nickel-free precious metals. We currently offer options in Sterling Silver, Gold over Sterling Silver, Titanium (in-studio) and 14K Gold. To ensure the hypoallergenic integrity of our earrings, we melt them down and chemically test the alloys and contents.
      • What is Gold over Sterling Silver?
        Gold over Sterling Silver is made by applying a thin layer of 14k Gold over a Sterling Silver base. Though it looks similar to 14k Gold, it is more affordable and durable. With proper care, Gold over Sterling Silver jewelry will uphold its plating for years to come. Keep your Gold over Sterling Silver jewelry dry and gently wipe with a dry cloth if necessary.
      • What is Sterling Silver?
        Sterling Silver is a hypoallergenic precious metal that contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, which makes the metal more durable than fine silver, and the standard for silver jewelry. This metal is sensitive to oxygen and water, and therefore may oxidize, but the earrings can be easily cleaned to their original shiny state with a sterling silver cleaning wipe!
      • What's the best way to travel with jewelry?
        To prevent jewelry from getting damaged, scratched, or tangled in transit, it's best to store them in a protective box with various storage compartments, like our Vegan Leather Jewelry Box!
      • My earring backs are loose! What can I do?
        Pro Tip! Squeeze in the sides of the butterfly backings! Remove them from the post and pinch the two loops firmly together, then slide the butterfly backing back onto the post. This should help provide a tighter fit and keep them more secure. (Earring backs should always be worn towards the end of the post, not up close against the back of the ear, as this can cause irritation.)

        We also now carry a variety pack of four different styles of earring backings, available for purchase. Just like our earrings, this variety of backings are all hypoallergenic and nickel-free! You may find the link to purchase them here.
      • How do I purchase a Rowan gift card?
        YAY! We are so excited you want to share some Rowan love! We have a couple of gift card options for you.

        If you would like to give a gift card for the purchase of merchandise online or a Rowan Piercing Experience at one of our Studios, please click HERE for our digital gift card options. Upon purchase, you will receive an email that contains a unique gift card code that can be used at checkout.

        We couldn't think of a better gift!
      • How long are the earring posts?
        All of our earrings are designed with extra-long posts that are 10.5mm, which is slightly longer than 1cm.

    Payment & Shipping

    • Payment
      • Do you offer any financing options?
        Yes! Get it now, pay later with Shop Pay! For orders over $50.00, select installments at checkout to split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments. For more information and frequently asked questions, please visit the Shop Pay website.
    • Shipping
      • How much does shipping cost?
        For orders of $150 or more, shipping is FREE. For orders under $150, shipping is a flat fee of $5.00 via USPS, $12.00 for Expedited 3 day Shipping, and $25.00 for 1-2 business day Express Shipping.
      • Where does Rowan ship?
        We ship to customers in the United States!

        We do not offer international shipping at this time.

        Please note that if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or a U.S. territory, your box may take up to two weeks to reach you via our Standard Shipping. If you select Expedited Shipping at checkout, we will deliver your first box in 1-2 business days.
      • How long will it take to receive my order?
        Please allow up to 1-2 business days from the date of purchase for your order to be on its way, and expect arrival between 5-7 business days!

      • My order says delivered but I have not received it.
        Shipping carriers will often prematurely mark boxes as "delivered" even though they have not yet been delivered... we understand the frustration this causes!

        Please give the carrier an additional 48 hours to actually deliver your box. If at this time you have still not received the box, please email us at and we will work with you to remedy the situation.
    • Returns
      • What is Rowan's return and exchange policy?
        Rowan accepts returns and offers free exchanges on unused and unworn jewelry within 14 days of the delivery date of your item(s). Items marked final sale and piercing studs are not eligible for return. Piercing fees and shipping fees are non-refundable.

        For returns, you will pay a $5 shipping fee to return your item(s) to our warehouse. We will issue your refund once the items have been received and inspected.

        For exchanges, you’ll receive a pre-paid return label and the replacement item will be sent as soon as we’ve received notice that your original parcel is scanned as ‘In Transit’ by the carrier.

        If you received less than perfect merchandise, or if you have any quality concerns with your new Rowan item(s), please send over a photo to us at and our team will be happy to make it right!

        If your item is eligible for a return or exchange and you’d like to begin that process, you may do so by clicking this link here. Eligible items may also be returned to your nearest Rowan studio within 14 days of delivery.
      • Can I return an in-store purchase online?
        No. Unfortunately, our online return portal will not be able to accommodate the return of an in-store purchase.

        Rowan accepts returns and offers exchanges of unused and unworn jewelry within 14 days of purchase. Items marked final sale and piercing studs are not eligible for return. Piercing fees and shipping fees are non-refundable.

        Eligible in-store purchases may be returned to your nearest Rowan studio within 14 days of receipt.
      • Can I return an online purchase in-store?
        Yes. Rowan accepts returns and offers exchanges of unused and unworn jewelry within 14 days of purchase. Items marked final sale and piercing studs are not eligible for return. Piercing fees and shipping fees are non-refundable.

        Please bring your order invoice or have your order number and email address information available for the store team during your visit.
      • Can I return or exchange a gift?
        Yes. Rowan accept returns and exchanges on gifts. Returns will be issued in the form of Rowan store credit only.
      • Can I exchange or return my Rowan gift card?
        No. Rowan gift cards are final sale and may not be returned or exchanged online or in-store.
      • There’s a problem with a piece of jewelry I purchased.
        If you received less than perfect merchandise, or if you have any quality concerns with your new Rowan item(s), please send over a clear photo or video to us at for further assistance.