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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Earring of the Month Club:

  • Membership:
  • Are your earrings hypoallergenic?

    Yes! All our earrings are made with completely nickel-free precious metals. We currently offer options in sterling silver or gold vermeil. Rowan does not currently carry earrings in titanium or plastic.

  • Can I see what the earring design will be before it ships?

    We currently do not publish what the earrings each month will be. Many girls are thrilled by the surprise, and we get great feedback on the designs! If you are unsatisfied with your earrings, please contact us at, and we will uphold our Happiness Guarantee!

  • Happiness Guarantee

    All our orders come with a happiness guarantee. If you are unhappy with your order, you can return your earrings and we will happily send a new pair free of charge. Please view our Shipping & Returns policy for more information.

  • Can I give a Rowan Earring of the Month Club membership as a gift?

    Yes, and we encourage it! Rowan is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to help celebrate a milestone in a girl’s life. Rowan has been gifted by friends and family members alike. We even give you the opportunity to leave a personalized note in her first box to make the gift of Rowan that much more special!

  • What is Gold Vermeil?

    Gold Vermeil is the highest standard when it comes to gold-coated jewelry. Gold Vermeil is characterized by having a base metal of Sterling Silver, which is then dipped in a thick layer of 14k gold. Gold Vermeil has a thickness of two microns of gold plating. With proper care, Gold Vermeil Jewelry will uphold its plating for years to come.

  • What do I get with my membership?

    Every box of your membership will include: A new pair of unique Rowan earrings in your chosen precious metal, stickers, surprise goodies, and a collectible card--which features our Rowan symbol of the month!

    The first box will include also include: An earring stand (holds up to 12 pairs!), a journal, a flashlight pen, and a microsuede earring pouch!

    Additionally, Rowan will send an online conversation companion to the parent or caregiver of the recipient each month. This guide will feature conversation starters centered around our symbol of the month to spark meaningful and memorable discussion between girls and their grown-ups.


  • Why are your earrings pediatrician-recommended?

    Pediatricians give us a thumbs up for many reasons! Our earrings are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, which is important as many young girls have a sensitivity to nickel. Moreover, our earrings have been specifically designed for younger girls’ earlobes, factoring in age-appropriate designs and sizes—they even come with longer posts, giving the ear more room to heal post-piercing. Lastly, we have partnered with experts to create content that helps adults and their girls engage with one another and share in the celebration of this special time. These are all reasons why Pediatricians trust and recommend Rowan.

  • What age is Rowan appropriate for?

    A Rowan Club membership is the perfect gift for any girl who has (or will soon have) her ears pierced! Ideally, she is also old enough to begin talking about her feelings and ideas. At Rowan, most Earring Club Members range in age from 7-14 years old. Symbols and conversation ideas have been designed by medical experts with this specific age range in mind.

  • Billing, Shipping & Returns:
  • When will my box ship?

    Your first box will ship the following business day after you order. It will take 5-7 days to arrive. Subsequent boxes will ship on the 10th of each month. 

  • When will I be charged for my box?

    Your first charge will occur at the time of initial purchase. If you order an ongoing subscription, orders and charges will process on the 10th of every month. Prepaid orders do not charge again.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    No, we ship to customers in the U.S. only.

    For more information on Shipping & Returns, please visit our Shipping & Returns page.

  • Rowan Piercing

  • Do you offer infant piercing?

    Yes, we do! Our infant pricing applies to children ages 3 and under.

  • Do you offer single ear piercings


  • How can I find out if Rowan is in my city?

    Be sure to check out our Rowan Piercing page to see our current list of locations where Rowan Piercing is available. Not where you are? Ask to join our waitlist and stay in the know as more cities are announced!

  • What will my piercing appointment include?

    All Rowan piercings include: an at-home visit, numbing cream, a clinical ear piercing performed by a registered nurse, medical-grade starter studs, certificate of bravery, and our provided aftercare.

  • What type of piercings do rowan nurses perform?

    Rowan piercings only offers ear lobe piercings.

    For all piercing inquiries/pricing questions: Please fill out our form here.

  • For Nurses:

  • How long does it take to get onboarded as a Rowan Nurse?

    For a nurse with ear piercing experience, our straightforward onboarding process may take only a few days! However, onboarding for a nurse without ear piercing experience, or one who works more slowly through requirements and paperwork, could take up to a couple of weeks.

  • How much can I expect to make as a Rowan Nurse?

    Some of our nurses make over $1,000/month by actively marketing their services, while others prefer to do only a few ear piercings a month and may bring home a few hundred dollars in extra income. Depending on your schedule and the demand in your area, each month may look a little bit different!

  • What medical certification do I need to become a Rowan Nurse?

    We partner with RNs and LPNs, as these talented professionals are able to provide a high level of care to all customers before, during, and after the piercing.

    Don’t see your question here? That’s okay! We would love to hear from you. Get in touch at

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