Yes, please!

Piercing by licensed
Nurses only!
All our piercings are performed by licensed
Nurses only—as they should be. After all, piercing is a medical procedure.
All our earrings are hypoallergenic. Meaning: premium metals only. Our jewelry is made of 14K solid gold, gold vermeil, gold plating over sterling silver, and sterling silver.
Aftercare, not
All new piercings need care, which is why our nurses recommend special aftercare solutions so that you can heal happily.
For the young and
the young-at-heart.
We are for everyone. When we say piercing for
all, we mean it. Our Nurses are trained to pierce all ages, all needs, and all ear placements.
Celebrating life’s
We celebrate you and all your wins. We believe, every piercing is a milestone, and every milestone can be celebrated with a piercing. We know how to throw a good party!
We were founded on the values of safety and celebration by a strong woman. Now we are being led by a team of strong women.

No, thank you.

No piercing guns.
We do not use piercing guns —EVER.
We offer needle piercings and piercings by a special hand pressurized device that is fully controlled by our Nurses. We’d love to tell you more about it in detail.
learn more about our piercing techniques.
No cheap metals.
We do not use brass, nickel, or zinc in any of our earrings. We only want the best for you, bestie.
No allergic reactions.
We do not use any metals that can cause you irritation, rashes, or any kind of allergic reactions.

Louisa Serene Schneider

An experienced Board Member with a history of working in the financial services industry.

Skilled in Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Asset Management, Equities, and Capital Markets. Louisa observed first-hand that products and services that were labeled “girly” weren’t paid much attention and especially, in the ear piercing industry the choices were limited to either an impersonal experience at the mall and tattoo parlors or an intimidating one at a doctor’s office.

As a mom, she wanted only the best for her kids. Which began her search for a fun, celebratory and safe ear piercing experience for everyone that can also be affordable. And when Louisa didn’t find one she founded one.

Welcome to Rowan, where we offer safe and celebratory piercings for all.

“Rowan is the only ear piercing company that I, as a plastic surgeon (specializing in ear reconstruction), and someone who works with craniofacial conditions would endorse and recommend, as they use the safest practices, highest quality materials and have licensed nurses perform all of their piercings”.

Dr. Charles Thorne, MD

Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Lenox Hill and Manhattan

Why Rowan?

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