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ear piercing service

Ear piercing is a
milestone to be celebrated.

Schedule an at-home ear piercing, visit our NYC studio, or find us in select Target stores. No matter the place, our network of licensed nurses will provide a special experience.

ear piercing service


  • Our Nurses
    Rowan nurses have extensive experience in creating a stress-free environment, are experts in the use of PPE and maintaining sterility, and always put their clients first. Bye-bye pre-piercing nerves.
  • Our Service
    Because every ear is unique, all piercings begin with an ear evaluation to determine what piercing and placement works best for you. We offer lobe, upper lobe, and helix/cartilage ear piercings. We’ll leave you with aftercare instructions and access to our nurse helpline if you need anything post piercing!
  • How We Pierce
    Rowan nurses use a gentle, hand-pressured device with pre-sterilized 14k gold or stainless steel earrings to pierce. Our piercing jewelry has safety backs and long posts to ensure sufficient air flow and optimal healing. We never use piercing guns, which are spring loaded and can damage the ear tissue.



Ear piercing near me?

We’re expanding quickly and may offer cute ear piercings near you soon! Enter your info below to receive an email when we're available for ear piercings in your area.