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Join our nurse team

We specialize in ear piercings by trained nurses.  Join us in making ear piercing fun scary, not scary scary.  

We offer in-home concierge appointments and you can find us in select Target stores. We’re accepting nurse applications for both!

Control your schedule

Pierce only when it works for you. There are no set hours and no quotas. When a customer request matches your zip code, we'll let you know about the opportunity. If you're interested, we'll match you based on availability.

Earn additional income.

Rowan Nurses are paid competitively for delivering a superior ear piercing experience. Additional commission can be earned through sales of our earrings and subscription boxes.

Empower others

At Rowan, we believe that when it comes to ear piercing, no one should have to choose between safety and celebration. You’ll have a unique opportunity to create an amazing experience with lasting impact! Everyone remembers their first (or second, or third!) piercing.

Rowan has your back

Not only do we put extensive resources to marketing our piercing services, we manage the ins and outs of customer logistics, payment systems, and materials required. We care deeply about building a community and host monthly optional events so we can all get together virtually.

Michelle Magdo RN professional ear piercer

Meet Michelle

With the support of the Rowan team, I’ve been able to grow my at-home piercing business into a consistent income stream...while at the same time having so much fun!

— Michelle Magdo RN

Let's do this

Frequently asked questions

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How much can I expect to make as a Rowan Nurse?
What medical certification do I need to become a Rowan Nurse?