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Fierce Pierce

Rowan ear piercings are done by a registered nurse in the comfort of your own home. We’re available to do piercings in: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Minneapolis

How it works

Piercing Details

Safety First, Style Always

Rowan nurses are licensed medical professionals who pierce with the highest safety and precision, using sterile starter studs made of medical grade materials. Once your lobes are healed, swap out the starters with a pair of bespoke Rowan earrings made in hypoallergenic sterling silver or gold vermeil.

Nurse professional ear piercer wearing white nurse coat with Rowan logo on back

Piercing Prices

$55 Stainless Steel
$95 14k Gold
$195 14k Gold w/ certified Diamond


•   In home piercing by Registered Nurse

•   Starter Studs (Stainless Steel, 14K Gold, or Diamond)

•   Skin & Ear Assessment

•   Numbing Cream

•   Aftercare Cleansing Solution and Instructions

•   Certificate of Bravery

•   Access to Post-Piercing Follow-Up Care

•   More on piercing FAQ

$30 premium for all children 5 and under for at-home visits

Girl getting safe and sterile ear piercing by licensed nurse in kitchen at home

Our locations

New York

New Jersey



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