5 Budget Friendly Earrings to Add to Your Earring Wardrobe

5 Budget Friendly Earrings to Add to Your Earring Wardrobe

$$$ Does Not Equal Safety


Having earrings that are affordable, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and beautiful are exactly what Rowan offers! Just because a pair of earrings is expensive, does not mean they are safe for your ears. A year ago, I bought a pair of $70 earrings from a popular brand thinking they would be high quality and feel good on my ears. A day after wearing them my ears were bright red, itchy, and hurt. I couldn’t believe it, and had to throw them away. Shortly after this I started working for Rowan, and they are literally the only earrings I wear as I know they will not irritate my ears, and they feel comfortable. High price does not indicate quality of earrings - what really matters is metal composition. 


Metal Composition of Earrings


Earrings have an array of metal ingredient options. The most common is nickel. It is strong and inexpensive, but easily instills rashes, itching, blisters, and redness once worn. It is super malleable, which helps keep the appropriate shape without compromising its durability and strength. Nickel is also corrosion resistant. There are many expensive and inexpensive brands out there selling earrings containing nickel because there are some benefits to nickel, but they do not outweigh the cons of skin irritation and infection. When shopping for earrings, it is very important to make sure it states they are nickel-free and hypoallergenic. Rowan has a plethora of earrings that are all safe for your ears. 


Gold stud earrings


Fair Price and Safe = Rowan!

Rowan’s metal options are 14k gold, sterling silver, and gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may). Gold vermeil is the highest standard for gold-coated jewelry. It holds a base metal of sterling silver dipped in 14k gold to give you the gold look, while still being safe. All are hypoallergenic and nickel-free. Earring prices start at $18/pair. Rowan values “safety first, style always”, which is why their earrings are a fair price, fabulous, and safe for your ears! 


Hoop earrings with charm


5 Budget Friendly Rowan Earrings


Before working for Rowan I bought poor quality earrings that were not healthy for my ears. I love that Rowan’s earrings are nickel-free, budget friendly, and super cute! My first pick is the Fierce Love Stud ($22). It is a heart with a sparkly lightning bolt and the Rowan berry emblem. My second pick is the Wide Ear Cuff ($24) because I love the adjustability of putting it anywhere on your ear! 


Sterling silver studs


The Rowan berry is intermittently sprinkled throughout Rowan’s jewelry. This is a special logo because the origin is a Rowan tree with red berries that was long thought to be a guide post for adventurers. This encapsulates Rowan’s mission to help kids, teens, and adults celebrate the milestone of ear piercing service in a safe and special way.


My third recommendation is the Huggie CZ Hoops ($32), which instantly add some dazzle. Fourth is the Staple Bar Stud ($18), which, pun intended, becomes a staple of your wardrobe and look. Fifth is the Dinosaur Stud ($22) because I love dinosaurs. They are simple and fierce, making them work for all ages! All five of these are beautiful on their own, or worn together. 


Cartilage ear piercing


How To Mix and Match


Rowan offers all earrings in gold vermeil or sterling silver. You can go for a monochromatic look using the same metal, or wear both gold vermeil and sterling silver for a modern mixed metals look. I adore the Fierce Love Stud and Dinosaur Stud for a first hole, but they could easily go on the second hole too. You can then stack the Staple Bar Stud in your second hole. Due to its size, it works well here if you have multiple piercings.       


The Huggie CZ Hoop is very versatile and can be worn in a first, second, or third hole, or in a cartilage. If you have a tiger bite (double cartilage), the hoops would be cute and unique there too. The Wide Ear Cuff is the earring that instantly creates a “curated” ear stack and can easily be moved to anywhere on your ear.


With these five earrings, you can easily mix and match endless ear creations. As Rowan says, "safety first, style always" - try these earrings and flaunt your most confident, fierce self!


Nickel free earrings