5 Reasons Why You Should Gift Earrings To A Loved One

5 Reasons Why You Should Gift Earrings To A Loved One

Jewelry is one of the most common gifts received since the beginning of time. Adornments with jewelry can celebrate any occasion and convey to the receiver feelings of appreciation, love, and gratitude. Let’s explore five reasons why gifting earrings is the perfect gift.

1. Earrings are a good gift for any age.

Earrings adorn ears from the child to the senior. It is easy to purchase earrings for any age. Consider small studs for the younger, edgy shapes for the teen, and timeless hoops for the senior. It is easy to complement their current stage in life with earrings. All of Rowan’s earrings are hypoallergenic and nickel free which allow you to gift earrings that can be worn by practically all ages and sensitivities without concern for undesired reactions.

2. Earrings are versatile for any occasion.


The celebrations of anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and recitals can all be accomplished by gifting earrings. The shape and style of the earrings can convey the feelings of pride and accomplishment you feel when gifting for a special occasion. A heart shape can convey love or these lightning bolt studs can deliver your pride in accomplishment in completing a well-earned high school diploma or college graduation. The addition of these trendy charms to hoops can simplify your gifting for many occasions.

Hoop earrings with charm
3. Earrings are sentimental and timeless.


When gifting earrings it is easy to convey feelings of warmth and love to your loved one. Each time the wearer puts on the earrings it’s heartwarming to remember the giver. A teen may need that extra boost of self-confidence for a big exam coming up and putting on the earrings received from you reminds them they can persevere. Quality earrings can last a lifetime, and be passed down to the younger generation. As a nurse piercer for Rowan, I have pierced many mother/daughter sets, best friends, and sisters. It would be fun to celebrate these milestones and relationships with earrings.

4. Earrings allow the giver to not worry about sizing, and instead focus on their personality.


Consider the receiver’s personality when choosing their earrings. Maybe your receiver is a timeless beauty, young at heart, classic, spirited, or edgy. If she is young at heart, these cherry studs convey playfulness with a pop of color. These hoops are timeless and can easily decorate anyone’s ear - man or woman, young or old. If you know someone that is always trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends, then these ear crawlers are on point.
earring subscription box
With any of these options you do not have to worry about sizing since earrings are one size fits all. No one will have hurt feelings like when you gift a too small top or oversized jeans. When earrings are thoughtfully chosen, they fit everyone. sterling silver hoops and gold vermeil options complement any skin tone and are widely available at Rowan. With new styles being added frequently be sure to check often for all your gifting needs.


5. Earrings are the perfect gift.


The small box wrapped beautifully communicates feelings of anticipation and wonder. Earrings are often a gift one does not purchase for themselves. sterling silver studs, sterling silver hoops, crawlers, dangles, threaders, and sterling silver ear cuff are all available at Rowan to suit anyone. Since earrings are practical and easy to wear, they will not collect dust in the corner. They can be worn to adorn ears for a party or special occasion, as well as daily. Rowan’s earring selection includes quality pieces at reasonable prices that accommodate all budgets. Celebrate your loved one with earrings and feel a sense of delight every time you see them wear them.