Celebrate Your Loved Ones With Multigenerational Ear Piercing

    ear piercing at home

    Rowan’s team of registered nurses specialize in creating safe, celebratory ear-piercing experiences for people of all ages. This almost always includes the family of the people they pierce! Our piercing services make it possible for our clients to enjoy a fun and relaxed experience with their loved ones nearby.


    While loved ones often attend the piercing appointment for moral support (always providing a hand to squeeze!) a growing trend in the Rowan community is the multigenerational piercing. A granddaughter, mother, and grandma share a special bond. 

    ear piercing at home

    What better way to celebrate that relationship than with a multigenerational ear piercing? 


    Recent Rowan client Iris, along with her mother Lisa and her grandmother Marilyn, from Minneapolis, Minnesota did exactly that. Going into the appointment, Iris and Lisa planned to get their ears pierced. Marilyn was still deciding on her second lobe piercing, something she told me she had been thinking about for a long time.


    Young Iris was so brave in completing her first ear piercing! After excitedly checking out her new look in the mirror, she got to be the cheerleader for her mom Lisa, who completed her fourth ear piercing with me.

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    At this point grandma Marilyn had a huge smile on her face as she looked over at her daughter, granddaughter, and myself. 


    She made her decision and said, “Now I want to get mine done, too!” 


    I talked her through breathing techniques to ease her anxiety -- clients of all ages react so positively to this! Iris and Lisa quickly became her cheerleaders through the entire process. Marilyn was so brave as we placed a new piercing on her beautiful ears. 


    The three ladies all matched with sparkly CZ studs -- one of Rowan’s most popular pairs. Marilyn said, “I am so excited to eventually switch out the starter studs and wear my new diamonds. They will go great with the hoops in my first hole!” (We love seeing this type of self-expression and personal style here at Rowan.)


    Then, the trio celebrated with a group hug and continued exclaiming, “This was so fun to do with each other!”


    That’s how we inspire & empower our community.


    Being able to provide our communities with this celebratory and meaningful bonding experience is Rowan’s goal, as well as the goal of my fellow Rowan Nurses across the United States. Seeing our clients’ reactions reminds our nurses why they love their jobs -- in and out of the hospital.


    With such a unique experience that provides families with so many memories, it is no surprise that multigenerational ear piercings are also popular at Rowan’s pop-events. At our Minnesota location, I pierced two sisters (twin 1-year-olds) and their dad!


    Dad bravely went first and opted for our cool Stainless Steel Studs. After, the girls got their matching Yellow Gold Puffed Hearts. The family left with huge smiles in addition to their newly pierced ears -- and lollipops, of course!


    After each appointment, I teach clients how to care for their ears. I absolutely love providing them with this education; it is essential. Celebratory appointments like this one always teach me a few things, too! Specifically, it reinforces the importance of working a job that excites you and is in line with your passions.


    These particular appointments also show me that when you have cheerleaders by your side, the experience is always a little more fun! This is exactly what makes the multigenerational ear piercing appointment so special.


    This blog was written by Lauren Gontarek, RN, a Registered Nurse at a Minnesota hospital in the hematology/oncology unit. In addition to her role as a Rowan Nurse, Lauren cares for Eating Disorder patients and takes a holistic approach to healing by using a combination of medicine and emotional support to make patients feel their best.