Piercing Parties: What They Are & How to Throw One

    Rowan - Ear Piercing Party

    From exciting piercing trends to innovative jewelry styles to ear piercing pop-ups throughout the United States, the demand for ear piercing is at an all-time high. Another trend in the piercing world? Piercing parties! In 2019 multiple celebrities included ear piercing as a part of their own celebrations. Take for example model Ashley Graham, who offered ear piercing at her baby shower and designer Kristin Cavallari, who brought a piercer to her company’s holiday party.


    Of course Rowan wanted in on the fun too! As a concierge ear piercing service that delivers high-quality ear piercings by licensed medical professionals, who else would be better suited to host these parties? I tested this theory with the help of influencer and master esthetician Jenna Crandall. What better way to celebrate her daughter Gwen’s birthday than with a piercing party? In the comfort of her own home, Gwen and her closest friends sat around the kitchen island anxiously waiting to get their ears pierced. They chatted and giggled over cake and other special treats as friends soon flaunted their new sparkle. After the girls went to bed, it was time for the moms to get pierced. Jenna opted for the snakebite piercing to her middle cartilage while another mom opted for her third hole. 


    The piercing party with Jenna was so successful that it led to numerous in-store pop-ups at local boutiques as well as an intimate holiday piercing party, where a group of teenage girls opted for third holes and cartilage piercings while baking and decorating Christmas cookies.


    People really appreciate the personalized attention that piercing parties offer. Given we are a guest in their homes, the host is able to control the ambiance, guest list, music playlist, and so much more. It also got me thinking, how else can piercing be incorporated? Some ideas include:

    • Book club meetings 
    • Girls night in 
    • Prosecco & piercing parties
    • Botox & piercing parties


    The Rowan family wants your ear-piercing milestone to be celebratory and special, so be sure to include us in your next special event! To book a piercing party, click here.


    This content has been written by Rowan Nurse, Melissa. Melissa is a full-time pediatric nurse at a private practice in Connecticut, as well as Rowan's Clinical Nurse Coordinator. She holds a BSN from Columbia University.