Studs & Cuffs Styling Guide By Rowan

Ear Piercing Studs & Cuffs: A Rowan Styling Guide

Rowan has beautifully designed stylish earrings that are actually good for your ears! All our earrings are hypoallergenic and designed with love in Brooklyn, New York! So many clients want to know - how can I style my new ear piercing studs? Let’s discuss!


Ear Piercing Studs


Rowan’s ear piercing is completed by a licensed nurse and always with one of our hypoallergenic ear piercing studs. This allows you to choose earrings that are not only trendy, but actually good for your ears! With options in gold vermeil stud earrings and sterling silver studs, there is an ear piercing stud for everyone!


Designing Your Lobes


While some people want solo ear piercing studs for their third or second holes, why not try something different? Rowan nurses are experts at offering a unique and celebratory medical ear piercing experience. Prior to appointments, we offer you a glance at our lookbook to help curate beautiful ear piercing styles for your lobe!


Here’s a peek at some #lobelove from our lookbook!


Nickel free earringsMedical ear piercing

The circled earrings are some of our starter studs offered when you book your medical ear piercing.


Styling New Ear Piercings


While you’re waiting for your lobes to heal (about six weeks), you may wonder - how can I style my new ear piercing? Adding a wide ear cuff is the perfect option to styling your ear, without an additional piercing needed. It adds instant style and personalization to give you a unique design for your lobes or helix!

Sterling silver ear cuff

This ear has been beautifully designed with multiple ear piercing starter studs, a wide ear cuff, a Rowan berry ear cuff, and other beautiful hypoallergenic jewelry from Rowan.


Studs & Helixes


New helix piercings can be single studs, but why not add additional ear piercing studs to style your helix? Some favorites from our lookbook include the double and triple helix piercing. Rowan nurses are experts at assessing your ears and helping you to choose which style is best for you!

14k gold earrings


A triple helix piercing from our lookbook and styled with a Mini Rowan Berry Stud and 14K gold ball ear piercing stud.


Cartilage ear piercing


A double helix piercing completed for a client who initially scheduled the appointment for her young daughter. These 3mm cubic zirconia piercing studs in white gold are a favorite for double helix piercings!



Apprehensive About Your Helix?


Rowan nurses - ear piercing professionals are experts at easing your nerves and want to make your ear piercing experience celebratory! However, some people are apprehensive about piercing their helix. Try one of Rowan’s fabulous cuffs, offered in both gold vermeil and sterling silver. This gives you an opportunity to try out the look before committing to the actual piercing. If you decide to go for the piercing later, you can save the cuff to style with your new ear piercing stud!


Just Because, Cuffs


However, cuffs don’t need to be purchased as a try-on for a helix piercing or a style substitute while waiting for your medical ear piercing to heal. Cuffs allow your personal style to shine through your beautifully curated ear. A cuff is the perfect way to style your already pierced ears. With options in gold vermeil and sterling silver, there’s a cuff for everyone’s unique personal style!

Hypoallergenic earrings


Hypoallergenic & Stylish


Rowan’s hypoallergenic earrings or ear piercing studs are perfect starters for a beautifully curated ear. We know how hard it is to wait for six weeks to change out your new piercing for all the styles you’ve dreamed of. Rowan offers so many hypoallergenic jewelry options and you will never run out of styles to choose from. Best part? They will always be good for your ear! Happy piercing and happy styling!

Sensitive earrings