What makes Rowan’s earrings and accessories hypoallergenic?

    hypoallergenic earrings

    You may have heard us use the expression “incredibly cute and actually good for your lobes,” but how can you be sure that you are getting the best of the best when you choose Rowan? 

    Since our launch, Rowan has worked closely with Brooklyn, New York-based jewelry designer Page Sargisson. Not only does Page create earrings and accessories that are unique to Rowan (such as the Owls, Fierce Love Studs, and Seahorses with tiny Rowan Berry details), she also ensures all of our products are high-quality, hypoallergenic, and nickel-free.

    nickel free earrings

    Rowan's earrings and accessories are always high-quality, hypoallergenic, and nickel-free.

    When shopping Rowan’s range of accessories, you may notice that our earrings and earring backs have a tiny “925” engraved on them. This mark indicates that the jewelry is genuine sterling silver, as sterling silver consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent mixed metal alloy. (Fine silver, which is not as durable as sterling, has a higher percentage of silver in its makeup.)

    Unlike many other jewelry brands on today’s market, Rowan never uses nickel, brass, zinc, or any other irritation-causing materials in our metal alloys. Not only are these materials common allergens, they are not safe for the body, even for those who do not experience allergic reactions.

    We want everyone, including those with ultra-sensitive skin, to be able to enjoy our earrings worry-free!

    Page always tests our earrings and accessories to verify that they are made of the highest quality, right here in New York City’s Diamond District, before we sell them in our store or online, or ship them to our Nurses for their piercing appointments.

    If sterling silver is not your thing, you may find yourself shopping Rowan’s styles in gold vermeil -- but what does gold vermeil mean, exactly?

    Gold vermeil (which is pronounced ver-may) is actually sterling silver jewelry that has been plated in real gold. To be considered a true gold vermeil, the layer of gold must be a certain thickness -- 2.5 microns, to be exact. 

    Not all gold-plated jewelry is gold vermeil, however. If the gold layer, regardless of its thickness, is placed over anything other than sterling silver (a solid, fine metal), it is not vermeil. Page works closely with our manufacturers, as well as her team in the Diamond District, to confirm the gold layer on Rowan’s vermeil pieces meets the thickness requirement of 2.5 microns.

    Our jewelry is special and we want it to last for years to come, so this process is essential.

    We also offer 14-karat gold earring options in store, online, and at piercing appointments for our customers and clients. Want to learn more about Rowan’s 14k gold earrings?

    Consisting of 57 percent solid gold and 43 percent metal alloy, 14-karat gold is popular among the Rowan community. (Much like our sterling silver pieces, Rowan never mixes nickel, brass, or zinc with our 14k gold jewelry.) Solid gold, also known as 24k gold, is extremely soft, making it succeptable to nicks, scratches, and dings.