Who Needs A Nurse To Pierce Their Ears? Learn About Clinical Ear Piercing

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    A family member recently asked me, “So, four years of nursing school got you a career in ear piercing? Really?” 


    “Yes, really!” I responded with true enthusiasm. 


    I initially heard about Rowan through my friend Megan, whom I met in a stroller fitness class. Megan knew I was looking for a job; something that allowed me to stay home with my kids, while also using my nursing skills that I worked hard to obtain.


    After a brief phone conversation with Rowan's headquarters, I was immediately interested; in-person training and meeting the owner completely sold me on the idea. I had found my niche. 

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    I was very attracted to the Rowan Nurse role for many reasons: I get to spending time with little girls getting their ears pierced for the first time, celebrate the ear piercing milestone, promote health and safety, and use my nursing skills to share knowledge of developmental stages in order to provide age-appropriate care -- just to name a few. 


    While being a nurse is not required to pierce ears, having the training and experience of a nurse is definitely a major plus. I was a labor and delivery nurse for 11 years, which means I spent a lot of time celebrating major milestones with countless families.


    Whether it is a small-scale event like a first ear piercing or a large event like the birth of a child, I am all about celebrating in a big way!


    As a nurse, I have also learned how to properly deal with the anxiety in children. A large part of my role as a school nurse was helping children from preschool through high school cope with anxiety. I have also used these same techniques to help young girls work through the suspense and uneasiness before their ear piercing. Whether it is deep breathing, stuffy cuddling, comforting music, a hand to hold, a favorite essential oil, joke telling, an entertaining television show, or another calming device, finding a way to soothe those nerves is key.

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    Before deciding on a career in nursing, there was a period of time when I wanted to be a teacher. I quickly realized how much nursing and teaching go hand in hand! Education is a key factor in a person’s health. This holds true throughout my professional life -- even now as a Rowan Nurse. The aftercare process is so important when it comes to a new ear piercing and it is discussed at length during a Rowan ear piercing appointment. I enjoy teaching young girls basic self-care and empowering them to take charge of their own health.


    Before becoming a Rowan Nurse, I never could have imagined I would be in a role like this. It has been a great experience from the beginning and I look forward to all the exciting opportunities to come!


    This blog was written by Leah Mortenson, RN, BSN, a Rowan Nurse. Leah Mortenson formerly served as a School Nurse at ISD 622 in Saint Paul, Minnesota and a Registered Nurse at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California.