Why Your Ear Piercing Placement Matters

Why the placement of your piercing holes matter

The placement of your piercing holes can affect your self-esteem and confidence for the rest of your life. It may sound silly, but it's true. If your holes are uneven or low every time you look in the mirror it’s a cosmetic reminder that can be frustrating. If you had a terrible piercing experience where the piercer did not take their time to make sure the holes were perfect and led to uneven holes, it’s another reminder. The outcome of your ear piercing placement can affect what kind of earrings you are able to wear, tricky placement of future holes above the first hole, your confidence, and how that affects other realms of your life. 


The Problem With Uneven Earlobe Piercings


I got my ears pierced when I was four years old and just remember it being super quick. These first holes are both uneven and super low. On my left ear the first hole is so close to my face and low I can’t even wear an earring in it most times for fear it will rip. This may sound like a minor annoyance and I have accepted it, but it’s something I feel like could have been easily prevented. When the holes are too low and uneven heavy earrings and hoops need to be avoided. The constant thought if they rip where it will take months to heal or need surgery to repair oscillates in my mind. My favorite part about Rowan's ear piercing service is them making sure every client’s ear piercing placement is perfect, so they don’t need to deal with what I have. I tell every client this, and it makes them feel so good knowing my intention is that much greater. 

Surprisingly, Rowan’s edgy pack earrings work well in my first hole (and other holes) because they are smaller and there’s less worry if it will rip. I wear the Rowan Berry Stud on my first hole, Staple Bar Stud on the second hole, and the Enamel Blue Stud on my third hole. With Rowan’s earring subscription service their monthly earrings and earrings from website are a great size that I wear them on my other holes. Rowan’s nickel-free earrings give me peace of mind, knowing my holes will be ok. 


Staple Bar Stud



The Importance of Getting Your Ears Pierced Correctly


I vividly remember getting my second and third hole at the mall, the person not taking their time doing a quick dot on each ear, and these holes are also uneven and low. Since my first holes are off, it made it that much harder to do the second and third holes. Many moms of clients have told me their holes are low and uneven too, and saddens me because it could have been avoided.


Rowan has pediatric nurses go through extensive training to make sure client’s ear piercing placement is perfect! When a client has uneven earlobe piercings and is requesting more, I ask them two things. I ask them if they want the next holes to be equal looking straight on their face, or looking good on each ear and it may not be equal straight on. This is a tough decision, but it’s a good option for the situation. Every situation I have had the client tells me they wish they could have had Rowan for their first hole. 


Mini Rowan Berry Stud


Confidence is imperative to your goals and values. When your holes in ears are uneven or too low it’s frustrating and can impact your self-esteem. I know beauty is more than physical, but getting your ears pierced correctly can really affect how you feel about yourself. The way the earrings are symmetrical, and when wearing a post it doesn’t hang low below your ear vs on the ear itself. 


Get Perfect Ear Lobe Piercing Placement with Rowan


When getting your ears pierced it’s so important to make sure the placement is perfect, even if it takes 20 minutes. Everyone’s ears are sisters, not identical twins so it takes time. The piercing itself is so quick, and this process is what I tell parents to make sure it’s a perfect placement! When you feel good about your ears, you look good, and this radiates to your goals and confidence. My uneven placement has taught me to accept my body, and is a good life lesson in which you need to keep moving forward. When you get pierced with Rowan, you will have a nurse who will give your ears the best intention and patience during your ear piercing placement (which is great for every client to h-ear, pun intended).