How to Make a Perfect Earring Stack

Looking to up your stacking game? We've got you.

Gold Vermeil Earrings

Stacking earrings is a fun way to style your ears with endless combinations that are unique to you. An earring stack is when matching or complementary earrings are styled aesthetically on the ear. For those of you that are piercing addicts or just looking for a fun way to spice up your look, this one’s for you! 

Tips for Creating your Stack


  • Start with dainty, small studs. When large or bulky earrings are used for stacking, it can make the ear look too crowded or weighed down.


  • Stick with one color of metal that suits your skin tone; gold or silver. By using the same color metal, the earrings will match and blend into one flawless look. If you have a cool skin tone, use sterling silver or white gold, and for warmer, tan skin tones, use gold metals. Most of Rowan’s earrings come in both metals. 


  • The right and the left ear do not have to match; however, they should be similar. For example, use similar earrings and colors on each ear. 


  • Consider a new piercing to compliment your stack!


    How to Stack


    To start your stack, begin with the first earring on your lobe. The first can be a small dainty stud, a large statement stud, a hoop, a threader, an ear crawler…whatever you’re in the mood for! The first earring will set the tone for the rest of the ear and it can be your focal point. It should also be the largest and all other earrings running up the ear should become smaller or remain the same size as the first earring to keep everything looking balanced. 


    Next, the second and third earrings are where you can start pairing and getting creative. You can also consider adding a unique piercing to jazz up this area (see picture A). Working up the ear, you have endless options. You can add a fourth and fifth earring, which could be a low helix or cuff (see picture B), or leave more space between the cartilage and lobe (see picture C). You can have as many or as few earrings as you’d like to create your stack. Last, to finish the look, the helix earring can be a single, double, or even a triple. 




    For an edgier look, switch out all your studs for hoops (see picture C), or combine your favorite hoops and studs (see picture A & B). For a more vibrant look, use color! Have one accent color earring, or several colors for a vibrant look. For a simple yet balanced look, try using all the same studs (see picture D). Play around with spacing, earring styles, and sizes to create different looks. You can even take a photo of your ear with your phone and draw on earrings to get an idea of placement to achieve your desired look. If you’re still wondering what style or piercing combo would look the best on your ear, one of our Rowan Nurses would be happy to help!


    Rowan’s earrings are dainty and simple, which are great for creating the perfect stack. There is no limit to the fierce styles you can create, so have fun with designing your ear art and tag @heyrowan in the looks you produce – we’d love to see them!