How to Prepare for Getting Your Ears Pierced

Follow these tips to ensure a memorable experience

How to Prepare for Getting Your Ears Pierced

Getting an ear piercing is a milestone filled with excitement.  Although it’s normal to feel some nerves before your appointment, following these tips will ensure that your piercing is a fun and memorable experience! 


What to expect:


When you walk into one of our beautiful, clean piercing studios, you can be sure you’re getting the safest (and most fun) piercing experience available, all by licensed nurses.  First, you’ll take a seat in one of our sanitized stations, and your nurse will sanitize their hands, put on gloves, and assess your ears.  Next, your ear(s) will be sanitized and then marked with a sterile surgical-grade skin marker in the spot where you want to be pierced.  Then, you’ll take a look in the mirror to confirm the mark is where you like it, and then we pierce!  *Cue the celebration!*  Before you leave, we’ll make sure you have all the knowledge and product you need to care for your new piercing.

We have several aftercare solution options, and your nurse will help you choose the best one for you.  We also have a wide array of hypoallergenic, nickel-free earrings - the safest option for ears of all ages.

4 Tips for all ages:

Eat a well-rounded meal or snack before your appointment, and avoid sugary sweets

You want to go into your appointment feeling your best, and the key to this is maintaining your blood sugar.  Eating a well-balanced meal or snack before your appointment will keep you comfortable during your visit.  You want something high in protein combined with a slow-acting carbohydrate.  A great example is a rice cake with peanut butter and a banana.  

Bring some sweets with you, but save them for after your appointment; not only is it a great way to celebrate, but it’s good to have them on hand in case you do feel light-headed.  Fruit juices or other fast-absorbing [dextrose-based] treats such as gummy bears are the best.

Drink plenty of water

Although staying hydrated is important for any activity or event, you especially want to be sure you’ve had plenty of water before your piercing appointment to help you feel your best!

Pick your placement and bring inspiration

We want to bring your piercing vision to life and love to see any inspirational pics and ideas you have!  If, however, you’re still not sure what you want, no problem! Our nurses are experts in ear anatomy and will help you find the perfect placement for your next ear piercing.

Be Prepared to Have Fun

There’s no better place to celebrate a new piercing than Rowan!  We believe every piercing is an exciting milestone that deserves to be safe and fun.  Bring your besties with you and get ready to walk away with the best piercing experience ever (and have your phone ready to take some pictures of your new bling)!

3 Tips for Babies:

The littlest ears also deserve the safest piercing experience, and these tips will help!

Timing, timing, timing 

The best time to pierce your baby’s ears is when they are happy and calm, usually right after eating and a nap. Scheduling an appointment that works with your baby’s routines will help ensure a fun and stress-free experience for your baby and you!


Distractions are key for older babies and toddlers.  Feel free to bring a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or tablet to keep them entertained and happy during their appointment.  For younger babies, pacifiers, bottles, and/or breastfeeding are all great ways to distract from the small discomfort they may feel while getting pierced.  

Be ready to feed your baby right after the piercing

Babies are developmentally designed to be comforted by having something in their mouth, typically a food source or pacifier.  Preparing to breast or bottle feed your baby right after their piercing will calm your baby and distract them from any minor discomfort they may be experiencing.

At Rowan, we make it our mission to provide the safest (and most celebratory) ear-piercing experience for all, performed by licensed nurses only!  All of our jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, meaning you can feel safe putting your ear in our hands.  

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