Piercing Care for Active Lifestyles

Piercing Care for Active Lifestyles

If you have an active lifestyle, you can’t afford to let ear piercings slow you down.  You deserve to enjoy the activities you love AND wear jewelry that makes you feel confident.  Fortunately, you’ve never backed down from a challenge, and we can help you succeed in keeping your ear piercings healthy while crushing it in the gym or on the field.  



Balancing Piercings and an Active Lifestyle

No matter what activity you prefer, the most important aspect of keeping your piercings healthy is wearing only high-quality hypoallergenic earrings and keeping your skin and jewelry clean.  How you care for your piercings can vary depending on if your piercing is healed or new.   

New Piercings

If you’re considering getting a new piercing, timing is everything!  Starter earrings cannot be removed or changed for several weeks (and in some cases, several months). Your first earrings worn in a new piercing are typically extra long to accommodate the normal swelling that happens as your piercing heals.  These long earrings can get in the way of helmets or other facial sports equipment.  Not only will it be uncomfortable, but you also risk stretching your piercings from the extra pressure placed against the piercing.  The risk of developing an infection is also higher with new piercings, as the wound is still fresh.  

Whether you’re looking toward summer swimming or wearing a softball helmet, you want to have your piercing long enough to ensure that it’s healed enough to remove your starter earrings. Timing your piercing appointment so that your new piercing will be healed enough to switch the jewelry into a shorter post that will fit more comfortably inside your helmet.  Healing times vary depending on what part of the ear you’re having pierced, so check out our blog here to determine when your piercing should be ready to change into new jewelry.  

If swimming is more your jam, keep; in mind that you should only swim in clean bodies of water, such as chlorinated pools, and that you MUST clean your piercings immediately when finished.  Check out our blog for more swimming-specific considerations.

No matter how you choose to stay active, the #1 must-have is Rowan’s Advanced Ear Cleansing Spray. It is a hypochlorous solution that is antibacterial and pH-neutral; simply spray your piercings in the front and back, let them air dry, and you’re good to go!  To keep your piercings as clean as possible, we recommend spraying before and after using any helmet, as well as after any other activity including swimming, running, gym, etc.  


Healed Piercings

Caring for healed piercings is easy!  Healed piercings allow you to switch earring styles to ensure maximal comfort while training for that 5k.  And, of course, cleanliness is key - don’t forget to use your aftercare spray as soon as you’re done working out to ensure healthy piercings and clean jewelry.  

Suitable Jewelry for Active Lifestyles

The last thing anyone wants is for earrings to get in the way of helmets, hair, or gym equipment.  

Sports Studs

For healed and healing piercings, you can’t go wrong with our sports studs.  Sturdy enough to place in almost any ear location, flexible and light enough that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.  



They feature a low-profile front, making them ideal for most sports.  Check-in with your coach for specific rules and regulations specific to your sport. 

Flat Backs

Flat backs are a comfortable and stylish option to sparkle while you sweat.  (Pro-tip - you can sleep in them, too!)  Check out our beautiful selection of pieces available in any Rowan studio.  


Although not recommended for contact sports, lightweight hoops can be worn for walking, running, hiking, or any other low-impact sport.  We highly recommend our 12mm 14K hoops;  white or yellow gold - the choice is yours! 

single:14k yellow gold

Protecting Piercings from Sweat

We love the endorphin rush from a good sweat sesh!  However, sweat can be hard on jewelry.  Be sure to clean your jewelry regularly to reduce tarnish.  A jewelry cloth or even gentle soap and water is great for cleaning your jewelry and maintaining its shine.

In addition to spraying your piercings with aftercare when you’re finished, be sure to give them an extra good rinse in the shower after washing your hair; residue from haircare products can create irritation on piercings.  As always, remember to use your aftercare when you’re finished showering, too!


With these helpful tips and tricks, your piercings will be shining while you strut your stuff in the gym.  Now go show them what you’re made of!

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