Everything You need to Know About Post Downsizing After Your Needle Piercing

Everything You need to Know About Post Downsizing After Your Needle Piercing

Post downsizing after your needle piercing can help you have a smooth healing process, but not everyone needs to have their post downsized. 


So how do you know if you should take this next step, and if so, when do you go through with a post downsize?  Read on to learn if you should have your new piercing post downsized, and what to look out for.


What is a downsize?


Getting a new piercing is such a fun experience, and there's a lot to know about the healing process.  When you first get pierced, your nurse will start you out with an extra long piercing post.  It's normal for ears to swell after they've been pierced, and having a longer post in place will keep your piercing safe from becoming embedded.  


Once this swelling is no longer there and the ear returns to normal, your post can be switched to one that is shorter - this is what we call a downsize.


How do I know if my post needs to be downsized?


There are several tell-tale signs that your post may need to be downsized:

Irritation - Longer posts can create irritation leading to friction bumps if left in too long.  If you're prone to developing piercing bumps, you should have your piercing downsized approximately 30 days after piercing.

Snagging on clothes and hair - Not only is this super uncomfortable, but accidental snags can cause damage to your piercing and potentially lead to piercing bumps and swelling.

Discomfort - Sometimes the longer post can create discomfort when left in for a long period of time, or may lead to a piercing "dropping" and healing at an angle.

Aesthetics - If you don't like the look of a longer post, we are happy to downsize it for one that fits your ear anatomy.  


If you're not experiencing any of these issues, than you're okay to continue to wear your original post.  And when you're ready to freshen up your flat back, come back to the studio to see all the newness! 



When Should I Downsize my Piercing?


On average, 30 days after piercing is a great window to downsize.  You'll know you're ready for a downsize if you meet any of the bullets above, and if the swelling has gone back down to normal, making the original post appear "long" again.


Can you give me a shorter post at the time of the piercing instead?


We want to provide the safest ear piercing experience possible and want you to be able to enjoy your piercing for years to come.  The risk of using a shorter post is too significant; an embedded earring will cause an infection and will likely require surgery to be removed.  For these reasons, we start every needle piercing with a longer post.

Can I downsize my piercing myself?


We want only the safest for you and your piercing, and although the swelling has decreased, your piercing is still far from healed and is susceptible to infection.  It’s important for any jewelry placed in this new piercing to be germ-free.  For this reason, we recommend coming in to have your post downsized by our nursing staff.  Plus, this gives you an opportunity to have your nurse make sure your piercing is healing as it should; it’s a win-win!

Does downsizing a piercing hurt?


Having your post downsized will feel just like switching out your earrings.  At the most, you may feel a tiny amount of discomfort, but nothing should be painful.  The best way to ensure a smooth and pain-free downsizing appointment is to carefully maintain your piercing aftercare regimen and avoid sleeping on the same side as your piercing.

Okay, I understand why I might need to downsize, how do I book an appointment?

You can book your appointment and view pricing* here!  We can’t wait to see you!


*Downsizing service prices may vary 

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