Ear Piercing for Kids: Everything Parents Need to Know About Ear Piercings


    Thinking about getting your little girl’s ears pierced? While it is a very exciting moment in any girl’s life, there are always several questions to consider beforehand. What age is best for ear piercing? What type of ear piercing is best? Where can she get her ears pierced safely? What ear piercing aftercare do I need to do? It is important to do the necessary research and talk about all the aspects of ear piercing with your child beforehand. Read on for all your questions on ear piercings and so much more.


    What age is best for ear piercing?


    The decision to get your girl's ears pierced is a personal one. Some families choose to have their little one’s ears pierced as an infant, while other parents may want their daughter to wait until their daughter is closer to ten years old. Since after-care is crucial with any ear piercing, many experts recommend waiting until she can assume the responsibility of ear-piercing aftercare to keep ear piercing infections at bay. Unsure if your daughter is ready for that responsibility? Try making her a deal: If she can help with a specific chore every day for six weeks without being reminded, that will prove her ability to care for her piercings properly. Regardless of her age, it is most important to make sure you choose the best option to get her ears pierced safely with a reputable nurse or doctor.


    Where to get her ears pierced?


    Where to get her ears pierced is a question that many parents find hard to answer. Carefully select and research your ear-piercing location. One of the biggest risks with ear piercing is the risk of infection. This risk can be mitigated by carefully selecting the right professional and location.
    Consider the following:


    *Training: Look for someone who has been well-trained and is willing to tell you where and how he or she learned to pierce ears.


    *Cleanliness: Look at the establishment beforehand and avoid studios that are disorganized or dirty. Look for a clean facility that puts you at ease or consider an at home ear piercing.


    *Ask about the procedure: Ask the professional what types of tools they will use, and to describe the steps they will take to minimize the risk of tissue damage and infection.


    *Research: In many cases, you can learn about a professional’s reputation simply by reading reviews online from past customers about their ear-piercing experience.


      A unique and fun way to elevate your daughter’s experience is to have a Rowan registered nurse make a house call to do the ear piercing. Rowan piercings are as safe as they are fun. Registered nurses provide superior hygienic standards and medical excellence, in the most relaxing environment – your home! Being surrounded by her friends and family can turn an already unique experience into a truly unforgettable event! Every Rowan nurse is experienced in ear piercing for kids and infants and makes every ear piercing memorable and special. If you are thinking about an at home ear piercing with Rowan, it is easy to get started! Simply fill out this form and someone from our team will get back to you with more details and a date and time to schedule your piercing.


      What type of ear piercing is best?


      The safest and least painful type of piercing is with an ear-piercing instrument. All Rowan nurses are licensed medical professionals who pierce with the highest safety and precision, using sterile starter studs made of medical grade materials. Once your lobes are healed, swap out the starters with a pair of special Rowan earrings made in hypoallergenic 14k Gold, Gold Vermeil, or Sterling Silver. We also offer her choice of sparkly studs as her first pair. Steps for a Rowan ear piercing include:


      *A Rowan nurse will arrive at your house and greet your daughter. She will walk both you and your daughter through the steps to the ear piercing and explain that there is nothing to be afraid of.


      *The nurse will apply a number cream to her ear lobes to ensure the ear piercing is pain-free! This takes about twenty minutes to set in.


      *After numbing her ears, your nurse will use a certified and safe ear-piercing instrument to quickly and painlessly pierce her ears. She will start with one ear and wait to make sure your daughter is calm and ready for her other ear to be pierced.

      *Each Rowan ear piercing ends with a certificate of bravery that she can hold on to forever to make the experience that much more memorable.


      *Don’t forget to celebrate! After she gets her ears pierced it’s always a good idea to share in the fun together – be it cupcakes or balloons, these little details will make it truly a moment to cherish.


        Ear piercing aftercare


        Ear piercing aftercare is extremely important, and not to be forgotten! It helps if your daughter is ready to assume the responsibility of caring for her ears after her ear piercing. If so, it is still a good idea for an adult to monitor and check on her ears every other day, just to make sure there is no infection and to ensure everything is healing properly. These few simple tips below will safeguard against infection and keep your girl comfortable and happy!


        *Always wash your hands before touching your daughter’s ears. It’s a good idea for your daughter to wash her hands regularly as well since she may be occasionally touching her ears without realizing it.


        *After your daughter’s bath or shower, make sure to clean her ear piercing with a cotton swab soaked in aftercare solution to remove any soap or excess shampoo. Aftercare solution for ear piercing is made up of a very diluted mix of soap and water. Or you can use any over-the-counter saline solution. Both are good options to clean the ear piercing since they are both gentle and safe.


        *Keep lotion away from the site of the ear piercing to ward off further infection. Lotions and creams have several ingredients which can cause irritation to her ear piercings. Even regular moisturizers and body lotions are not a good idea to get near her ear piercings.


        *If you think there is anything abnormal around the ear-piercing site or anything looks infected, please make sure to call your pediatrician or doctor immediately. Often these infections can be quickly resolved, but in some instances, your daughter may have to remove her earrings. If you see any signs of infection, the sooner you act, the better!


        Plan a way to celebrate her ear piercing


        Once she gets her ears pierced, you have a unique opportunity to sit down with your daughter and begin a conversation about feelings, emotions and physical perspective. We know that sometimes it can be a little difficult to broach these types of conversations with your daughter, so we created conversation starters. To help facilitate these discussions, Rowan has created unique gift boxes which not only come with a set of adorable earrings but also a short script of expert-written questions about complex topics. It’s the perfect way to use your daughter’s piercing experience as an opportunity to bond. It’s also a great way to keep the conversation going every month after her ear piercing.


        Make the ear-piercing excitement last!


        Continue her ear-piercing fun and excitement with the Rowan monthly box. Rowan is a monthly earring club where our girls receive a new box with a different pair of earrings, treats, and something to share with her grown up. Prices start at only $19.95/month for a 3-month subscription and $16.95/month for 12 months, with the option to pick your metal – Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, or 14k Gold. The Rowan tree stands for protection, wisdom, and guidance. Also called the “traveler’s tree,” the vibrant red berries were long thought to be a magical guidepost for adventurers. Some cultures also believed Rowan trees were a portal into other worlds. The name Rowan perfectly encapsulates our purpose: to be a guiding, empathetic, and empowering resource for tweens and parents in their journeys towards adulthood.