How Dad’s Little Girl Becomes Her Strongest Self

    How Dad’s Little Girl Becomes Her Strongest Self

    From that first glimpse of his tiny little newborn daughter, a father’s protective instincts kick in. She is daddy’s little girl and will be the apple of his eye for the rest of his life. 

    And it turns out that this instinct is critical to helping his daughter grow into a positive, confident, self-actualized adult. Many studies have confirmed that fathers play a far more critical role in the healthy and strong development of their daughters than many used to believe. 

    According to an article in World of Psychology, a healthy father-daughter relationship is key for developing a girl’s positive self-esteem. “Women who grew up with positive relationships with their fathers . . . feel confident, choose appropriate partners, respond to situations in emotionally healthy ways and can have meaningful relationships with both men and women,” it reports. 

    And it’s not just a healthy emotional state that is promoted by a positive father-daughter bond. Medical Daily reports on one study that examined how the quality of the father-daughter relationship affected the daughter’s response to stress. They found that those who remembered their relationships with their fathers as “warm, supportive, and structured” not only showed lower stress levels but a better ability to function in social situations throughout their lives.

    But sometimes there’s a bump in the relationship, usually about the time she begins to enter puberty. The hormonal changes she’s going through coupled with the need to begin separating from her parents can make it seem as if she’s pulling away from both parents, but especially from her father. 

    So what’s the best way to foster the father-daughter relationship as she begins to grow into adulthood?

    Here’s a big clue from the Institute for Family Studies: 

    “Some research suggests certain turning points or significant events can draw [a father and daughter] closer.”

    At Rowan, we think that the occasion of a girl’s first piercing could serve as one such significant event, offering an occasion for a father to participate in this important turning point in his young daughter’s life. And what better way to open lines of communication than having her father present her with a pair of our delightful earrings?

    Rowan can help plan an ear piercing party that will provide memories that your daughter and her whole family will cherish forever. Then, each month thereafter, she will receive a pair of our charming and meaningful earrings along with a suggested topic for discussion.

    Our carefully selected, medically approved topics, which accompany the arrival of each pair of earrings, present an ideal opportunity for fostering communication and an opportunity to grow closer.