Can You Swim After Getting Ears Pierced? Yay or Nay?

Our hot take for your new piercing vacay vibes.

Can You Swim After Getting Ears Pierced? Yay or Nay?

We get it, summer is here everything is hot and you just want to chill in the pool. After all, what are summer vacations for if not that? Cooling off in a lake, taking a dip in the ocean, doing laps in the pool are all summertime essentials.


But then we also know it’s when our ears get their moment under the sun. We’re done with the scarves and the beanies, our hair is up and our ear stacks are shining. Best time to get new piercings is indeed in the thick of summer. We must agree!

Now those are two things that don’t feel right together… at least immediately. And you’re right. We want you to have the best summer, and we want your ears to also have the best time shining. So read on for our hot take for your new piercing vacay vibes.


Can I swim with a fresh new ear piercing?


Well the short answer is: No. But hear us out. 


It’s really important for your ears to heal healthy and for that it needs to not be exposed to the elements. Don’t forget, ear piercing essentially is a medical procedure that needs tending to, and be cared for especially when it’s fresh. 


And we, bestie, want ONLY the best for you. 


So, when can I swim after getting my ears pierced? 


Great question. It depends. (we know, cliché but read on)


If you get pierced with the Rowan hand pressurized device then we recommend waiting for at least two weeks and if you get pierced with a needle, then stay away from water for at least 30 days. 


The best thing to do is to avoid submerging the new piercing in the kind of water that you wouldn’t normally drink, and that may have living organisms in it such as oceans, lakes, and rivers etc. Even bath water is not safe to submerge your piercing in.


Learn more about our piercing methodologies here.


But what about pools, aren’t they cleaner?

Yes, while pools would be considered a more sterile environment due to the chlorine content present and all the filtration systems, chlorine still is a harsh chemical that can irritate your new piercing. 


So, it's best to push off pool day during the healing period as well.


With all that said, we understand that life happens. Let’s say, you went to sit by the pool and some enthusiastic kid went “cannonbaaaall”, straight into the pool and you got splashed, now what? Well first of all, do not freak out. In cases of getting splashed, it’s best to have your cleansing solution handy and to thoroughly clean your new cute ear piercing, immediately after.


But hey, you may still enjoy the pool while you heal, if you just bring a float along. Just sayin’!



Can I go swimming after the healing period though?

You bet, bestie! 


After your healing period, you are free to swim in any body of water as you please. Pools, lakes, rivers, ocean, puddles… ha! That last one was false. Good catch. 


Yes, so go swimming wherever you like, some might even say “just keep swimming”, but make sure to bring your aftercare solution with you and then clean your new piercings once you’re finished with your favorite summertime activity. 


Why is the aftercare solution so important?

Safety is standard at Rowan because healing happily is key when you get a new piercing. All that effort would be for nothing if the piercing is not taken care of. 

And in order to heal healthy we offer three different kinds of saline based solutions, that are designed to help you also heal quickly. And we are happy to report that all our aftercare solutions are Dermatologist & Pediatrician tested. They are proven to be safe and gentle for all ages and skin types. Yes, including sensitive skin, you didn’t think we’d forget about you.


Types of aftercare solutions:


  • Advanced Ear Cleansing Solution — $20: This Advanced Solution for piercing aftercare improves healing time by featuring a 3-week application for lobes versus the traditional 8-week application (8-week application for the cartilage versus the traditional 12-week application). Size: 3.4 fl oz. (100 mL). Ingredients: Water, Sodium Hypochlorite, Phosphoric Acid
  • Saline Ear Cleansing Solution —  $12: Ingredients Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate Size 3.4 fl oz
  • Ear Cleansing Solution —  $8: Rowan's ear cleansing solution is specially-formulated to keep your new piercing clean and comfortable during the aftercare healing period. Our ear care solution contains only purified water and benzalkonium chloride, an antiseptic that cleans and soothes a new piercing. Size: 2 fl.oz. Ingredients: purified water, benzalkonium chloride.


How to use these solutions:
Simply spray the front and back of your ear piercing 2-3 times per day. 


How to build a cool Summer Stack?

First of all, remember to only choose cute hypoallergenic earrings, like the ones we make. This is extremely important to keep your ears healthy in the long run. Our hypoallergenic earrings are made with premium metals only. No nickel, brass or zinc. It’s best to be safe because metal allergies can develop at any age. 


Well well, now that you’ve learned exactly how to take care of the new piercing, let’s get into the styling for summer. Once your piercings have healed, it’s time for some summer stacking. Here are some hits for this summer, some of our bestsellers.

The cutest little guest in any garden: CZ Bumblebee Studs.


The finest accessory of this fine summer: Tube Hoops.


And lastly, the hottest trend for hotties everywhere: Color blocking Birthstones


Remember, we are constantly launching new things, so sign up for our newsletters. You do not wanna miss all the awesomeness. 

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