Rowan: The Best Piercing Place Near You

Revolutionizing the piercing industry.

Rowan: The Best Piercing Place Near You

Word on the street is that you’re looking for THE BEST piercing place in town? Well well, say no more bestie. We’ve got you. For a fun, safe and celebratory ear piercing experience Rowan is the place to be! And we’ll tell you exactly why.

Who is Rowan?

Rowan is the piercing place of this era! 


Rowan has single-handedly revolutionized the piercing industry. When our founder Louisa Serene Schneider set out to find the best piercing place for her niece, she found her options to be limited to either an impersonal experience at the mall and tattoo parlors or an intimidating one at the doctor’s office.


She thought to herself, what if there was a place that encapsulated the fun and ease of going to the mall but the safety and preciseness of the doctor’s office? She couldn’t find such a place, so she founded Rowan.


Where the vibe is always celebratory and all piercings are performed by licensed Nurses only—as it should be.



Why? Because ear piercing, if you think about it, is essentially a medical procedure, and Nurses are the experts when it comes to skin integrity, infection prevention, and keeping patients calm in unfamiliar and intimidating situations.


What do we mean when we say piercing for all?


We understand that every piercing is a milestone and that every milestone in life can be celebrated with a piercing. And that’s precisely what our founder’s goal was: a fun, safe, and celebratory ear piercing that is also affordable for everyone. 


Which is why Rowan Nurses are trained to pierce all ages. Yes, that means from less than one year old to over a hundred year old.



We are for the young and the young-at-heart. For the do gooders and the good lookers. For the stand outers and stand uppers. When we say piercing for all, we mean it. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, we’re always here to celebrate you.


Why is safety such a big element at Rowan?


Because everyone deserves a good piercing experience that’s easy in the moment and doesn’t turn infectious in the long run. Our Nurses are experts and will help you pick the best piercing placement, they’ll pierce you with our hypoallergenic jewelry and then they’ll send you home with an aftercare solution so you can heal healthy.


And on top of all that you will have full access to our Nurse hotline. Any questions or concerns? Our Nurses will be happy to help and take care of you.


Okay, but what about your jewelry—is that also safe?


We are so glad you asked! And duh, of course, our entire existence is around fun and safety.


Safe materials are key in ear piercings. Metal allergies are more common than you think and can develop at any stage in life. Which is why we only use pre-sterilized 14k gold or stainless steel, and titanium earrings for piercings. This is incredibly important for a safe and happy healing process. You can browse our piercing Lookbook here.


All our jewelry, even the ones other than the piercing earrings, is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, because many young ones and, let’s be honest, some older ones are sensitive to nickel. 


We only make hypoallergenic jewelry, which means: No allergic reactions, no green ears, no irritation. You can shop our jewelry here.

And what about your Piercing methodologies—do you use piercing guns?


Absolutely not! 


We offer piercings with a hand pressurized device and needles.


Hand pressurized device


We offer piercings with a gentle, disposable, single-use, pre-sterilized stud and clasp ear-piercing system, which is considered a medical device. Benefits of which are that it’s a fast process and helpful for people who may have a phobia of needles. We recommend this method for all kids and adults who prefer it.


Is this device like a piercing gun?


No. A piercing gun is a spring-loaded machine that does not allow the piercer to control the pressure applied to the tissues during piercing, which can result in ear tissue damage. 


With our gentle hand pressurized device, our Nurses have full and precise control of the pressure that is applied. Remember, safety is standard at Rowan.


Needle Piercing


We also offer hollow needle piercings which is normally the preferred choice for adults. Benefits for which are that the jewelry can be more decorative and it’s the only option for certain piercing placements like conch, forward helix, tragus, and flat. We recommend this for adults just because it takes longer to pierce using needles and kids find it hard to sit still. Honestly, we know the feeling.

Our Piercing placements:

We pierce all ear placements:

Lobe, Upper lobe, Mid Helix, Helix, Forward Helix*, Flat*, Conch*, Tragus*


But not all locations have all the options. So, please check with your Nurse regarding the availability of your desired placement.


* needle piercing only

Learn More About Piercing at Rowan


Aftercare is never an afterthought at Rowan.


You’ve made it this far reading everything about Rowan, which likely means you want your ears pierced and have probably picked your placement from the list above. Now, many places you get pierced and that’s where your interaction ends. But, not at Rowan. 


We want you to heal properly! Which is exactly why we offer two kinds of aftercare solutions. You can talk to your Nurse and choose the one you prefer.


Learn More About Aftercare at Rowan



Where can I find you?

You can find us piercing ears near you. If we aren’t there yet, we will be soon!


Find Your Piercing Studio Location




Whether it’s your first piercing or your fifth, we know how scary it can be but when you come to Rowan, giddy is all you’ll feel. We are here to make sure you have the best experience before, during, and after your ear piercing appointment. Let’s get you pierced, bestie!

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